Body butters and lotions are what keeps are skin moist, hydrated and smooth throughout the day and are extremely essential, for me anyway, post wash. Throughout the years I've used many different brands and types of body lotions, but as well as frequently trying new ones, I notice myself always reaching for my 4 favourites shown below. 

I just love Soap & Glory products, they're so appealing to girls like me, and I know you shouldn't just buy something because of the packaging but it really doesn't hurt to love the look and result of the product your using. Luckily, as many of you will know, Soap & Glory have made some rather amazing products for great prices, including 'The Righteous Butter', which is infamous for it's hydrating properties and a smooth finish. I cannot complain about this body butter in any way and would recommend it for any skin type. The added bonus of this body butter is that it's not full of chemicals or 'unknown substances' it actually contains two vital ingredients for healthy skin; Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. Awesome right?

Buy the Righteous Butter here.

Another favourite of mine is the Victoria's Secret PINK Sweet & Flirty Body Lotion. I have always relied on Victoria's Secret to provide me with the most gorgeous smelling lotions and fragrances I can get my hands on, and they never fail me. It goes without saying that someone who likes Victoria's Secret a lot would keep going back again and again for more products, but I don't kid myself if something is simply ineffective just because I love the brand. There are other things you can get there, lingerie perhaps? So trust me when I say this body butter is a breath of fresh air on my skin and you can't beat it's long lasting effects. You may wonder what makes this lotion 'flirty', well they claim it's the Sugar berry and Grapefruit as well as a good dose of Aloe, Oat and a healthy combo of Vitamins E and C. So if you want healthy skin that looks and feels great, then I strongly urge you to try this.

Buy Sweet & Flirty here.

Yes, another Victoria's Secret body lotion has made it on my list, and believe me it was quite long before I cut it down to 4. I had to include this 'Ultra-Moisturising hand and body cream' because it's so different from anything I've used before, in a great way. 'Pure Seduction' is just one of the many flavour ranges you can chose from, which ever one suits you, and this one really hits the spot for me. It smells like beautiful flowers and berries, with a vale of (if they had a smell) diamonds and sweet crystals. I'm not joking, the smell is utterly divine, and yes you do smell like this all day! So, I suppose it doubles up as perfume just in case you forget to spray yourself before you go out. It contains Avocado, sweet Almond Oils, and 'hydrating honey', nothing beats that. It also promises 24-hour moisture and delivers that perfectly. I even find that the next day, the smell is still present on my skin, along with the hydration.

Get Pure Seduction here.

My last product is The Body Shop's Strawberry Body Butter. I'm a sucker for anything with a hint of strawberry, so of course I had to purchase this. But, what I love about the Body Shop is how perfectly they implement flavours and smells into their products, for an end result thats just so amazing. As you may know they are also strongly against Animal Testing their products, which I love just as much. The butter itself is creamy and smooth, just like butter. It retains the smell and moisture throughout the day, and you (and the people near you) will definitely notice your skin smells like strawberries. What's not to love?

Buy The Body Shop's Strawberry Body Butter here.

I hope you enjoyed todays post, I knew I just had to do one on body butters as they're a huge part of my beauty product collection. Let me know about your favourite body butters and what you thought of mine.

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