I absolutely love the Body Shop (you may be able to tell), so I had a wander around and couldn't resist all the wonderful smells and colours, not to mention the 3 for 2 offer on make-up and skincare products. If there was one shop I would recommend for some of the best skincare, make-up and body care at amazing prices it would be this shop. As you can see I bought quite a few things from the five or six different ranges they have on offer. 

If you've never shopped at the Body Shop, then here's how the different skincare ranges work; the vitamin E range (light pink) which I especially love, is meant for all skin types; the Tea Tree range (green) is suited to oily, blemish prone skin which my skin can be from time to time; the seaweed range (light blue) is for combination/oily; and the Camomile range is again for all skin types and people who especially love the smell of Camomile, of which I am one of them. These are the ranges I usually purchase, but they also have a Vitamin C range which is for all skin types as a booster when your skin needs a pick-me-up, and the Aloe range is for sensitive skin that needs calming products. I have not tried anything from these ranges yet, but I hope to try them soon. 

Lets get started!

Seaweed Clarifying Toner - £8.50

The only thing from the seaweed range that I purchased this time is the clarifying toner which is said to refresh your skin, remove impurities and refine pores. It's an alcohol free, hydrating toner to use after an acid based, alcohol toner to rehydrate your skin. If you're wondering what it smells like, it reminds me of trees, the beach, and cucumber with a slight chemical odour, which isn't unusual, but all in all, it smells quite pleasant. 

Vitamin E Over Night Serum-in-oil & Eye Cream - £13 and £11

From the cutesy baby pink Vitamin E range I knew I had to get the over night serum-in-oil which I have been dying to try. It smells really nice and has a helpful pipet to dispense onto your finger so you can lightly dab it around you're face. I also purchased the eye cream as none of the other ones I've been using have worked for me so far, and thought Vitamin E would be really great to try. 

You probably remember this cleanser from a recent monthly favourites I've done, because it is awesome and everyone should know that by now. It removes any traces of eye make-up (yes, it's gentle enough for that), face make-up and lifts away any dirt gathered during the day. I almost always purchase this cleansing oil when I go back to the Body Shop, if not for me, for a friend or family member, this time for my sister. She wears a lot more eye make-up than me and has been looking for the perfect cleanser for the job, so I know I had to get this for her to try.

Strawberry Body Scrub, Body Butter, Lip balm, and Eau de toilette - £8.50, £13, £2, £8.50

As you may know, I'm a sucker for fruity smells, especially Strawberry, so this body care range was such a treat for me. The body scrub actually looks like strawberry jam (don't mistake it, whatever you do) and the beads actually look like the seeds! I've spoken about the body butter before in a recent post about my favourite body lotions and this remains in my top five; its a repurchase I have to make. Another thing I love about the Body Shop is their lip balms, they're crazy good. I previously tried and finished the mango flavoured one, so now I'm anticipating amazing things from this strawberry 'Born Lippy' delight. To cap it all off I bought the fragrance, almost completing my set, so now I can actually use strawberry in every department apart from my face. I will be smelling rather edible pretty soon.

I was very intrigued when I ran into this fairly new rage of Moringa products at the Body Shop because of my love for Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing Balm. Not only is it a natural ingredient thats great for your skin, it also smells pretty gorgeous. I was so happy to take it home and use it that I've used it rather a lot already. Hopefully this too becomes one of my favourite body lotions to use post wash; so far so good.

Tea Tree Face Mask and Cool & Creamy Wash - £10 and £5

Tea Tree Ultimate Cleansing Kit - £23

Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser, Lotion, Facial Scrub, Night Lotion, Toner - £5, £3, £6.50, £9, £5

Since the season is changing and my skin is starting to play up (typical), I felt the need to buy from the Tea Tree range as my skin is slightly oilier and blemish prone at this time of year. Before purchasing the 'Ultimate' kit I'd actually put all the individual products in my basket, then I looked up and saw they were nicely packaged in a kit that saved me almost £10. You really can't argue with that. On top of the kit, I also purchased the mask, which I plan to use during my Sunday pamper and the creamy cleanser because I love creamy cleansers. I love all cleansers really, they're the one thing I'm always buying no matter how much I have at home. All the Tea Tree products smell strongly of, you guessed it, Tea Tree, and by this I mean they all smell exactly the same, which is no problem for me. It's natures gift to my skin.

I've enjoyed sharing my Body Shop purchases with you, and I hope I've spurred some newbies to buy from them too. My favourite thing about the Body Shop is how well they utilise natures finest ingredients to make our skin the best it can be, and it's a fantastic experience shopping there (you can try anything by the way!).

Let me know what you thought of what I bought, and if you like, tell me a little about what you like to buy at The Body Shop too. Thanks for reading x

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