Making new discoveries in the skincare and beauty department is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a beauty addict, but I also really enjoy buying products that other people have loved and loving them too. My little selection of beauty favourites this month are mostly the result of recommendations, trials or things I know I'll love (Victoria's Secret as a prime example here). I just adore being surprised by a product I really didn't expect to like, and actually loving what it does for me, don't you? As you get more and more aware of what your skin needs, what scents suit you and what make-up is compatible with your complexion, it gets easier to shop beauty, so this months beauty favourites are sort of the result of that. As I write this I'm listening to Ariana Grande on repeat, so please excuse any unusual words or sentences that don't make sense (music gets me in the mood to write with more passion, but can be a distraction).


I've been on the look out for a morning moisturiser that was light, hydrating and tailored to suit my skin type. Like some people my skin is super annoying and decides to be oily in some places (for it's my T- zone) and then dry in others, so I tend to be suited to combination skincare products. I found a sample sachet of Garnier's moisture match in magazine and I decided to throw causation to the wind and just give it a go. The sachet only lasted me two uses, but that was enough for me to know that this stuff was great and perfect for me. The texture reminds me of a sorbet, but it's very light so it's not going to feel too oily and thick on your skin, yet it retains all the moisture I needed throughout the day.

On my last visit to Victoria's Secret I tried the beautiful Amber Romance perfume and loved it! So this time I decided to try Pure Seduction and I was equally as gown away. I love fruity scents like this and the red plum and freesia really smells gorgeous. It's described as 'seductive and alluring' and I most certainly agree.


You may remember a post from last month where I told you all about my trail of the new Clinique Custom serum and how it changed everything about my skin after just one use. Well, it really is that brilliant, and even Caroline Hirons says so. I picked up a little bottle of the stuff and have since used it intermittently not only to save it but to ensure my skin doesn't get too used to it. It is so reliable and repairs any skin issues you might have from uneven skin tone, blemishes, signs of ageing, anything! But you probably know that already. If you're still looking for the ideal serum to suit you, I highly recommend trying this out for size, because it is meant for everyone and every skin type. Don't miss out on this amazing serum.

Omorovicza, Omorovicza, Omorovicza. What would I do without you? If like me you've been dying to try this skincare range from Budapest, then you'll know the satisfaction you get from finally doing it. I knew from the moment I heard about their Queen of Hungary Mist, I had to have. And ever since I've been yearning it more than anything else. Now I finally have and it's definitely lived up to my expectations. It hydrates, smooths and refreshes my skin whenever I use it and is now an essential in my skincare routine. 

Lastly, my favourite product of the month; Nuxe's coveted Reve de Miel (dream of honey) lip balm. Despite all the hype and raving reviews, I had my doubts as to whether something as simple as a lip balm could be so revolutionary. But as you can imagine upon using it my doubts shrunk to nothing. It's 'ultra nourishing' honey and 'precious oils' make this lip balm THE best I've ever used and a product in my holy grail list. It's one of those products that you're so happy about that you tell yourself you can never run out of it, you know the feeling. And no, its not just my oft spot for anything french, it genuinely is the most effective lip balm I've ever tried and I recommend it to everyone.

Please let me know what your favourite beauty picks were for september and what you thought of mine. I have really enjoyed telling all about them and I hope this post has been enjoyable and helpful for you.

Products mentioned in this post: Garnier Moisture Match £5.99, Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Eau de Toilette £11, Clinique Smart Custom Serum, Omorovicza Queen Of Hungary Mist, Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm £9.50. 

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