When it comes to skincare, Ren have got you covered; their masks, cleansers, serums and toners are some of the best out there and their prices are so reasonable. As part of my new years resolutions, I vowed to give my skincare routine a revamp and as you can see I started with a clarifying toner from Ren. I was slightly confused by the term 'clarifying', does it mean calming? Exfoliating? Anti-aging? I really couldn't work it out. But, Ren believe or claim it does the same job as what is known as an 'exfoliating' toner, except it doesn't contain any alcohol. Instead it contains a vast array of wonderful acids. Among them are the famous three; Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Citric Acid. Not once has an ingredients list actually had me jumping for joy!

What I like about this toner is the fact that it's alcohol free and thus causes less irritation to the skin. I found previously that any alcohol based toner I used caused a slight stinging sensation, and whilst some people don't mind that, or actually like it, with my sensitive skin, I'd rather give it a miss. Ultimately, the Ren Clarifying toner offers the acids, the exfoliating and the smoothness without the alcohol. That combo is often hard to find.

If your skin is dry, sensitive or even oily, give this toner a go. For those of us with oily skin it visibly reduces the appearance of oil that may surface during the day and manages to prevent any imbalances in the skin. Breakouts be gone! As noted, most exfoliating toners have the wow factor when it comes to ridding the skin of impurities and this toner has just that. My skin feels smooth, balanced and unclogged, with the help of a few serums of course

Indeed, when it comes to trying out a new skincare product you never really know what it's getting up to because you use so many other things with it. I've been using the La Roche Posay Toning Lotion which, although it was great for a while, its effects began to wear off. Finishing my last bottle was the perfect opportunity to replace it and see the differences. I can honestly say my skin feels 10 times smoother, less clogged and most importantly its reduced the size of my pores by a long shot. At just £12 who wouldn't try this out?

As with most Ren products, the 'clarifying' range has a rather funky name; 'Clarimatte'. They recommend this range for combination to oily skin, but whilst some products like the T-Zone Cleansing Gel, are specifically designed for that skin type, I don't see why other skin types can't benefit from this particular toner. Ren have designed the Clarimatte range to enable the skin  to 'normalize itself through the help of ground breaking as well as tried and tested bio actives.' If I'm honest, the thought of using 'bio actives' on my skin (even though I didn't know what they were), was rather intriguing.

So if like me, you're looking for a new exfoliating toner to add to your skincare routine, or just a back up for your current one, I highly recommend you give Ren's Clarifying Toner a try, it's just £12 and available at most beauty sites and shops (including Space N.K!). I hope your results are as positive as mine!

P.S. If you'd like to read more about this toner, Ren have personally provided a selection of magazines and newspapers that it's been featured in. Visit the site here

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