Since the beginning of my skincare loving days, some 4 years ago, I have always wanted Emma Hardie's revolutionary sumptuous Amazing Face Moringa cleansing balm. If you follow me on Instagram then you'll already know that I've finally got my hands on some and I couldn't be more delighted. Recently my love of cleansing balms has increased considerably, and I think the be all and end all of cleansing balms is this one (and the Eve Lom one of course), so my cleansing balm desires are just about complete. This is obviously not a new edition to the skincare greats, over the years its become something of a cult classic in the beauty industry. 
One lesson I've learnt from using cleansing balms is that they do require a little more looking after than most other types of cleansers. The fact that they're essentially a solid oil, means they must be stored in a cool environment so that they don't melt. Here in England we tend not to have an issue with that, but with summer creeping up on us, even I'm beginning to notice some slight melting. If you live in the Arctic or some very cold parts of Canada then of course this won't be an issue, but if you live in a hot country and do invest in this balm, I do suggest you organise a cool area to store it. I've always wondered whether this product is more of a winter skincare solution, because I'd definitely recommend it for those dry winter months, so perhaps this correlates nicely with the type of weather it's suited for. 

Do I LOVE it? Well of course I do, and like many others I could rave about it all day. I'm always asked by people who don't really bother with skincare, how I can justify spending £40 or more on one product, and I always put it down to the effects and the ingredients. Emma Hardie has ensured that her cleansing balm does what it says on the tin (literally) and goes above and beyond most other cleansers out there. Aside from Moringa, it contains ingredients like; Grape Seed, Sweet Almond, Orange Peel Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Jasmine Flower Oil and lots of other nature derived ingredients (for a full list click here). If you see an ingredients list with that many natural sources, then you know a lot of effort's been out into ensuring that its an enriching, delight of a product. 
How do I use it? Like most cleansing balms, Emma Hardie's is formulated to remove all and every type of makeup from layers of foundation to the toughest of waterproof mascaras. It's great to use in the evening as part of a double cleanse before exfoliating. If you own an exfoliating brush I don't recommend using a balm with it, it just doesn't work (trust me, I've tried). On it's own this is a beautifully hydrating morning cleanser, which awakens the skin and fully nourishes it for the rest of day. If you suffer from dry skin, or get dry patches during the day, this is the perfect solution for you. A muslin cloth is kindly provided with each purchase, and in my opinion thats the best way to remove a cleanser from your face, hands down. 

The Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm is around £36 for 100ml, but I do believe it also comes in a 200ml  size tub, but I'm yet to find where I can get one! Having used it sparingly for the last four weeks, I am delighted with the way it's made my skin feel, and how hydrated it is now; a little goes a long way, so you're looking at at least 3 months use out of one tub.

Ever used this cleansing balm? What are your thoughts? What's your favourite cleanser?

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