The happiness of your skin always starts with your skincare. No amount of makeup can fix or eternally cover up what is an unhappy, dull skinned face crying out for more attention. I've had many people ask me why I don't seem to get many spots and why my skin is so clear, and the pressures on when I do get blemishes. The pressures on big time! Not only does it stand out like a sour thumb on face, but I just know it doesn't belong there. For others, spots and blemishes can be a huge deterrent for letting your face breath and looking after rather than covering. But we all know that covering only makes the situation worse, so lets get to the skincare!

Recently thanks to the Derma Group, I've had the privilege to try out a new spot and acne formula thats all natural and chemical free. No nasties, no harmful stuff. Just you and the natural cream itself. I tried the spot cream from the perspective of a relatively clear skinned complexion, getting the odd blemish and I had my sister (who suffers from quite a lot of long term blemishes) try a tub out for herself too. We both saw some rather positive changes to our skin that only makes us want to keep buying it. 

As its all natural, Acne Ultra Clear* produces a clarifying, soothing feeling. Your skin won't sting or redden, its so calming. I recommend you use it during your evening routine as it is quite a moisturising product, and straight after your hydrating toner once you've cleansed and exfoliated. Opening up the pores and letting them absorb as much of the natural goodness as possible will see you towards the best results. This can be used on its own instead of your regular moisturiser or in conjunction with other serums and creams. Either way works well. 

Recently I've been following Lisa Eldridge's (blog) application techniques for her skincare routine from her cleansing balm to her moisturiser, she likes to gently massage the product into the skin for a good while opening up the pores, awakening the blood vessels and helping the product take maxim effect. I highly recommend it! Using Acne Ultra Clear after my deep exfoliation, with this massaging technique, smooths out and helps the skin repair the damaged skin cells quicker. The more blood that rushes to the skin cells in your face, the better your skin will be. In fact, using Acne Ultra Clear with this method brings a whole new level of repair and protection to the skin.

For my sister, this product has drastically improved the signs of scarring, spots and pesky blemishes that she's been trying to get rid of for quite a while now. Her skin is smoother and brighter thanks to the addition of Acne Ultra Clear to her routine. Before, she was never able to find a definitive and successful spot treatment, but this one might just be exactly what her skins always needed. For me, any sensitive blemishes or spots are gently soothed and hydrated, leaving my skin smoother all over and reducing the life span of my spots by half. Natural, soothing, spot zapping goodness!

What has been your go to spot treatment this year? Would you take Derma Groups Acne Ultra Clear for a whirl?

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