Thanks to the Born Pretty store, I've got a new obsession. I chose a few things from their vast (and I mean humungous) range of cosmetics; from make-up and haircare to accessories and anything with glitter. I don't know about you but I'm always looking for something to spice up my makeup collection, and with a few events coming up, these items were the perfect addition to my collection.
If you come around here often then you'll know that I tend to stick with beauty products that offer UK postage exclusively, so I'm delighted that those of you outside the UK will definitely be able to order with ease. If you are of course in the UK like me, for just $3 your order can be shipped in just over a week. I warn you though, you might get a little carried away. 
The Effect 3D Max Ultra Curl Mascara* is one of the stand out products that has made my day. I am a huge fan of mascaras with flexible brush heads and much like the Benefit They're Real mascara, this one has caught my eye as a real keeper. Not only does it allow for 24hr coverage (if needed) it's also perfect for the odd eye rub (or with my hay fever, the frequent eye rub) it doesn't even smudge. It's so easy to apply and get the lashes you're looking for. I highly recommend you try it out!
Despite my love for eye liner, I always get quite frustrated when I can't fully achieve the perfect winged flick on both eyes, the struggle is unreal. I've tried a fair share of eye liners, but since trying Born Pretty's Deep Sea Double End Eye Liner Pen* my flicking abilities have much improved. The precise, thin brush of the liquid pen allows for a brilliantly accurate application of eye liner and if you want a flick, you're sure to achieve a brilliant one. This eye liner reminds me of the Benefit gel liner but in a liquid form, and I definitely prefer the liquid liner. 

On the other side, perhaps the most exciting thing about this duo, is the sparkly silver liner (a must for any party if you ask me). I love the contrast between the black and glittery silver, it looks iridescent when applied. I've never used anything like this before, but I already love the looks it can create. 
(from left to right) Long lasting red lip gloss, Deep Sea double end Liner Pen, UBUB Waterproof lip balm in hot pink.
My new long lasting Red Gloss* is a red lipstick wearers heaven. Not only is this stuff moisturising, it'a also super pigmented and allows you to use it as a base coat and a top up coat for any matte red lip (or the base to a red gloss). I love it's versatility and I feel a whole lot more comfortable wearing red lipstick out knowing that I have a long lasting coat of this stuff on. I used a cotton pad and Bioderma (but it can be removed using any micellar water) to test its durability, and after 3 strong swipes it was just about gone which is a great sign of a product for the average on the go girl or party goer who needs something to last long but come off quick. 

Speaking of moisturising I also love Born Pretty's UBAB Waterproof lip Balm*; its a very nice shade of hot pink and would look awesome on a matte lipstick of the same/similar colour and a lovely subtly on its own. I have a thing for lip balms that do so much more than just moisturise your lips; this balm is so versatile, a light layer adds a hint of pink and a thicker layer is gorgeous for any occasion. 
So if you're looking for an affordable source for all your makeup and beauty necessities and top-ups, I suggest you pay Born Pretty's site a few visits. You won't regret it. For 10% use my unique code CALLG10 as the checkout! I hope you've enjoyed this post, and I hope some of you get some real gems from Born Pretty, let me know if you do!

*PR Samples

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