Today's TOTD or Thoughts of the day post comes in the form of 10 confessions that I definitely think (and hope) we can all relate to. With exams, tight schedules, work and just a whole load of stress, I do often cut corners and take short cuts, or just plain give up. Do you feel the same? As the summer approaches I want to get into a more consistent beauty, style and life routine worth sticking to, plus with exams almost over I'm hoping that'll begin soon. And with that said, these 10 confessions may be just what I need to motivate myself this month, what are your guilty/embarrassing/lazy habits?
1. On days I'm not going out my appearance is comparable to that of a dying vampire. Sorry not sorry
2. Sometimes just taking my makeup off is enough of a skincare routine for me. Only after a long night of course... 
3.  Eyebrow maintenance is the worst. If I can get away with a week off plucking, I will!
4. Grips a.k.a bobby pins are my life blood. No, my hair does not stay like this naturally
5. I am a committed gym goer (3 weeks before summer). 
6. Netflix and a bit of chocolate (more like a lot) may be the perfect night in but given my way it would be an hourly ritual. 
7. Chipping nail polish is cool right? 
8. Getting my mum to buy 'herself' some new skincare products always leads to me adopting them later. 
9. The only perfectly smooth, beautifully moisturised parts of my legs are the patches that my ripped jeans expose. Yep
10. My money is rarely able to remain in my purse for more than 48hrs. It somehow appears in the form of needless shopping bags on my bedroom floor. I'm still trying to figure out how. 

What are some of your confessions? Did you relate to any of mine?

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