Since becoming an avid follower of Ruth Crilly, A Model Recommends, and of course, Caroline Hirons, I've heard and read a lot about Úna Brennan's skincare range especially since it's sold in Boots at such affordable prices. When introducing my skin to new brands I focus on getting a couple of products at a time, so I decided to purchase two of the most popular products in the Super Facialist collection. Ever tried Úna Brennan's Skincare?
Una's Super Facialist collection consists of Rose, to hydrate the skin, a green Salicilic Acid range, to remove blemishes, Neroli, anti aging and firming, and Vitamin C+, to brighten the skin. If you're a regular reader round here then you'll know I'm a huge fan of hydrating products. I firmly believe that no matter what skin type you have, hydration is so important for repairing and protecting the skin. I also think its super important to treat the skin well after exfoliating because as well as dirt, exfoliating removes a layer of skin that means the skin remaining can be very delicate and sensitive. 
From the Rose range, I purchased the Calming Creamy Cleanser. This cleanser has so many uses and fits perfectly at any stage of your routine. At only £7.99, you get a cleanser ideal for a morning cleanse, makeup removal and a second cleanse after exfoliating. As its part of the hydrating Rose range, its ingredients reflect that perfectly. Formulated with Shea and Cocoa butters as well as Allantoin and Marshmallow (yes marshmallow!), its got all the right ingredients to maintain a bright, hydrated complexion. For me this cleanser is ideal for my single cleanse in the morning and my second cleanse after using my exfoliating brush from Origins. It smells great, its really nice for massaging the skin whilst cleansing (à la Lisa Eldridge) and reminds me of Soap & Glory's Ultimelt, but better
The Skin Renew Cleansing Oil, a spotlight product from the Vitamin C+ range, is only the second oil cleanser I've ever tried! It feels like years since I added DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil to my skincare wishlist, but up to this date I've only ever used (and loved) The Body Shop's Camomile Cleansing Oil. I'm more of a cleansing balm gal. But, I have to say Úna Brennan's cleansing oil most certainly gives my cleansing balms a run for their money. For £10.99, you get a cleanser containing Olive, Grapeseed, and Rosehip oil, as well as Vitamin C and E, vital ingredients for great skin. I really enjoy using it and it often replaces my micellar water to remove makeup in a more hydrating, and beneficial way. 

Other products I'm dying to try:
Adding these products to my skincare collection has been so beneficial and enjoyable for me. With Úna Brennan's skincare you get an array of products containing quality ingredients for the full benefits of natures key resources. I highly recommend you try this collection, so have an explore of Úna's website and discover the brilliance of this range by one of the most accomplished skin specialists in the UK. Don't forget, its available in Boots!

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