I love watching YouTube videos and gaining a wealth of knowledge, tips and entertainment from the many lively, likeable people out there, but I've never really bought into their merchandise or self marketing. That is until now. Fleur de Force has been on my computer screen more times than most other youtubers for a good three years now. Having watched her progress and grow as a person and a brand, I've always admired her lifestyle, beauty and her seemingly effortless looks. When Fleur brought out her first book, The Glam Guide, I certainly had my doubts but a quick flick through in store convinced me to give it a try. Now all I can say is 'what was I waiting for?'.

I was not expecting a book that was quite as informative and just lovely to read. It's like Fleur has transported all her best fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips into one big journal of priceless ideas.

Fleur's Glam Guide has 10 chapters, each with a few subsections and indeed a very thorough guide throughout all of them. The first section, Beauty, the one I was most looking forward to consists of tips for picking your makeup colour palette, Make up brushes, choosing foundations and application, concealer 101, perfecting your brows, a guide to mascara and smokey eyes, liquid liner tips, how to blush, bronze and highlight, the classic red lip, manicures, a guide to Skincare (my favourite part), five minute makeup, ingredients, and 10 quick tips. Phew, that was a lot to write down. Its jam packed with beauty tips, tricks and definitive instructions to aid makeup application and look after your skin the right way.

The next section is all about Hair. Fleur recognises the trauma every girl endures when experiencing a 'bad hair day' and in her guide book you'll find 5 easy hairstyles for everyday to try out and see what suits you. I personally love the way this is laid out because the step by step pictures make it so easy to  perfect each style. Fleur also includes her recipes for DIY hair masks, tips for colouring and treating your hair as well as growing your hair.

Fashion comes next and of course, Fleur has a guide on finding your own style and few cheat steps to looking glamorous 24/7. Then she goes on to listing a comprehensive list of wardrobe essentials, a personal favourite of mine, shopping for jeans and accessorising. If that wasn't enough Fleur addresses the importance of balancing trends and investments in terms of fashion and avoiding impulse buys (but it may be too late for some of us). Styling whatever you have is key so Fleur helps us out with a few tips on making High street look High end, choosing the perfect pair of shoes and a little Handbag 101 as we all know how important finding your ideal handbag for each occasion is.

To complete the Fashion chapter, Fleur included a How to Look Good in a Photo and a How to shop the sales. As with all the chapters, there are 10 quick fashion tips to conclude and they couldn't be better.

If you follow Fleur's blog or YouTube channel then you're bound to pick up the fact that she is very well travelled and in her book she reveals her best tips for packing, travelling in style, in-flight beauty and beating jet lag. Priceless tips for someone like me who definitely wants to travel more in the future.

The chapter Health and Fitness is a marvellous collection of food and exercise related tips that can be applied to any and all aspects of your life. This includes Skin food, Juices vs. Smoothies, healthy breakfast ideas, packed lunch ideas, fitness shortcuts and tips for staying motivated.

Life, Love, Dreams and Everything in Between is a beautifully thoughtful chapter which looks at self confidence, body image and positive thinking. There'll always be a time when you're feeling less confident and need a pick me up. Fleur's tips will certainly do just that. In addition to the tips in the fashion chapter, there is a lovely section on relationships including Date Etiquette, Making relationships last, life goals and reading your dreams. Fleur has achieved so much in her life so far and these tips are priceless.

The last chapter is a valuable guide to blogging and being a youtuber; what equipment to use, gaining inspiration, and growing an audience. This book has definitely been an inspiration for me. Fleur's last note to her subscribers was a little thank you for the support in her journey so far, and summed up just how much this book meant to her. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and like Sali Hughes' Pretty Honest, its a book I'll be constantly referring to.

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Have you read The Glam Guide? Are you familiar with Fleur's YouTube Channel? What is your favourite book at the moment?


As you can see from the screen shots above,  Fleur read this review and of course was delighted that I'd enjoyed her book. I was rather excited when she favourited my tweet about this post, but when she read it and quoted my tweet on her twitter, it made my day. I thought I'd share that quick update with you guys as I'm ecstatic! 

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