I've always been an apple girl, since the first iPhone came out. Whenever I changed phones to Android I missed iOS. iPhones these days are some of the most beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, awesome devices you can get your hands on, I've always believed nothing could replace it. That is until I got my hands on a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Now this isn't a huge advert for the phone or anything, this is just a post expressing how much I love it and how I'm not actually missing my iPhone at all *sniff* (except for maybe the fact that there's a rose gold iPhone coming out soon). 

For me my phone is the centre of my world; I blog on it, I use twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin' on it, I shop on it... I basically do everything on my phone. My last phone was an iPhone 6 Plus, which I was able to do all those things on but my Note Edge just as the edge (pardon the pun). The S Notes are fabulous to use with the S Pen, which is probably the greatest thing ever. Now I can freely make beautiful notes without a keyboard in my own handwriting; it couldn't be more satisfying. The 'Edge' on the side is a brilliant hub for your key apps, notifications and top contacts as well as a customisable strip for whatever you like to appear there. I love it.
I think the main attraction is the customisability, you can make this phone so unique and your own. With iPhone, obviously loads of people have one and there's far less customisable features to add to make it your own. When you try out this phone, you'll miss the ability to make iPhone so uniquely you. One thing you certainly don't get on iPhone is the widgets. Widgets are the shortcuts and add ons you can put on your home screen that really make life easier. Take for example the Zara App Widget. I love shopping at Zara so the widget shows me the latest clothing updated every day in a brilliant slide show. I love the way it looks on my home screen, there's nothing like it. Its the same for apps like Mango and ASOS, so I suggest you get widgetting

Samsung's new S Health also tracks the number of steps you take each day which is a feature iPhone has too, but you can't get it displayed on your home screen like I have here. Its a refreshing feature I love to refer to. If you're wondering who the guy is who's face is covered, its Chris Pratt. Enough said really! 
Samsung also have flip cases specifically for the edge and guess what? I love it. The slate grey is actually really chic, I was going to go for the white one but something told me I'd like this one better and I certainly do. So, for a blogger, my phone is the perfect, ideal device/digital companion that does  absolutely everything on it and takes fabulous pictures. I am so surprised in myself that I would be this happy with my phone when it's not actually an iPhone, but this shows that there are other things that can easily compete with iPhone if you want something that not a lot of people have and that you can customise so much more. 

What phone are you using right now? As a blogger, is your phone important to you? Looking to try something new?

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