I'm very picky when it comes to facial brushes. I don't like them too harsh on my skin (something I found with Soap & Glory's 'A Brush With Greatness'), they need to have a suitable handle and they have to be manual. I know, I know, the Clarisonic is meant to be the best facial brush on the market but having tried it now, I didn't like not having full control of how my skin was exfoliated and how much power was put into to it. Since then I've been on the look out for the facial brushes that deliver the best results in the most gentle and beneficial way. For todays Beauty Compared post, I'm comparing my three current favourites that I swap between and hopefully help you decide which ones you might go for. 

Once I'd tried Soap & Glory's facial brush, I started using Origins Facial Brush which totally changed my skin. It comes in green and yellow, so when you order it you get the colours chosen for you  completely at random (luckily, I got the colour I was hoping for). As for the build and design of the brush, it has an easy grip handle which is slightly curved to perfectly fit your hand and its a lovely mat plastic. So, looks wise it has all the boxes ticked already. The main attraction for me however, was their promise of soft bristles that still delivered a great exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells. Well I totally agree! It does exactly what you want, its super easy to pair with your night time cleanser and your skin feels lovely and smooth post exfoliation. It's currently sold out on the Origins website (its that popular!) but I've linked you to the Selfridges website and as far as I know its not sold out on there; for £5

You all know I love Boots Botanics right? I'm going to miss so many things when I'm away in France, and Boots Botanics will certainly be one of them. Especially because you can only get this brush in store! Its so depressing but I looked everywhere online and I simply couldn't find it, so to get your hands on this brush (if its the one you like the most) you'll have to find your nearest Boots to shop the botanics range (and enjoy it for the both of us).

For £6, at first I couldn't justify the price because usually Botanics isn't that expensive, in fact most of their products are under £6 (if not, all of them). But, from the moment it touched my skin I knew why. Wow oh WOW. It was sensational to exfoliate my skin with this brush; thanks to the naturally sourced materials, this brush is super soft and aesthetically beautiful. You might think that with it being so soft it won't exfoliate your skin thoroughly enough, but you'd be wrong. My nighttime cleanse using the Botanics Brush was enjoyable, gentle, and made my skin so smooth without causing any reddening due to it being too harsh. Botanics isn't just sold in the UK Boots stores, its also sold at Walgreens, Target and Ulta, but online you still can't get this brush *sigh* however, I hope you'll be able to find in store (if you're in the UK, you're guaranteed too). 

You may recognise this last brush from my previous post about my Body Shop Skincare Consulation experience and haul. It's of course The Body Shops popular Facial Brush that fits in seamlessly with their skincare collections. I adore The Body Shop and had tried this brush before, so why not repurchase it? I'd say this is slightly softer than the Origins brush but of course harder than the Botanics. For some of you this may be the perfect balance between the two, and I would certainly agree with that. The design is rather quirky and cute, its compact and travel friendly yet you get a great grip on the handle. It's very well designed

As for exfoliating, it's very gentle yet just that bit more effective than the Botanics brush which is the most gentle brush you'll find that's actually effective. It may look exactly the same as the Origins brush, but for me this one takes the cake. I am always assured that my skin won't feel sore or tender after use, yet equally as assured that my skin will be fully cleaned. Plus, its the cheapest brush at only £4. 

For me, The Body Shop just wins over the other two because it combines softness with a fully effective exfoliation which is exactly what I'm looking for. That being said, I would never rule out any and I always mix and match. If you're skins feeling particularly in need of an exfoliation, the Origins brush may be more suited, or if you're skins rather sensitive, the Botanics brush could be just what you're looking for. Also, the Botanics brush is soft enough to be used in the morning instead of the evening; all three are hugely versatile. So if you weren't so sure which exfoliating brush to purchase, I hope this post has helped you decide between the three I've been using. 

Which exfoliating brush are you currently using? Which of these three do you prefer?

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