I don't know about you but I love having several great products that do the same thing so I can interchange and mix 'n' match between them, keeping my skin in tip top shape. Having more than one toner, for example, gives my skin a different cleansing experience day and night, and that applies to all products really. However, despite how much I love being spontaneous and using various different products each week, I seem to always come running back to a select few that consistently improve and add vibrance to my skin. What products do you repurchase without fail?

When I was first exploring Úna Brennan's skincare range (as seen in this post) I purchased her hugely popular Rose Hydrate Calming Creamy Cleanser along side her famous cleansing oil. Whilst the cleansing oil was a slight one trick poney in the end for me, I become very reliant on the cream cleanser. It comes in other flavours, but I adore the Rose scents and I just love how it makes my skin feel. I use it straight after exfoliating using a foaming cleanser with my Body Shop exfoliating brush, and it soothes my tender skin and makes it so plump and moisturised. I often suffer from dry and sometimes sensitive skin and without this cleanser in my collection, it definitely wouldn't be dealt with as easily. 

The Origins Drink Up intensive Overnight Mask is an all time favourite as well as, for me, an all purpose skin detox cream. It may say overnight, but sometimes I do cheat and use it during the day or as a morning moisturiser. Intensely moisturising products like these are helpful all year round; in the warmer months they're great for nighttime treatments, and in the colder months any time of the day for a boost, much needed in frosty weather. I've always loved the zesty smell of this mask and it completely smooths out and adds a dewy glow to my skin every time.

It's been almost a year since I got my first selection of Oskia Renaissance products and a standout amongst them was their Renaissance Cleansing Gel. Even though it has almost been a year since my first bottle of the Gel, I've only had to repurchase it twice more and I'm nowhere near finished my current one; a little certainly does go a long way! On its own in the morning, I find its a great wakeup and refresh for my skin, as well as a faithful partner to any of my foaming/exfoliating cleansers in the evening. I always use a muslin cloth to remove it, as I find it adds a delicate touch to the overall experience. At a more high end price it does certainly feel very regal, I'm not sure how else to express that; it just seeps expense and luxury. With that I love the lingering smell on my skin (especially before a busy day) and the smooth feel and appearance of my skin post use. 

What are your holy-grail products? What must you repurchase without fail? Tried any of mine?

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