For me Hand care is a key part of my daily routine; since I work with horses and dogs during the week, my hands go through quite a lot. Neglecting your hands can lead to weak nails, rough, damaged skin and an overall tired look. Even if you don't do strenuous work with you hands daily, its really important to look after them the right way. What are you hand care essentials?

Similar to a regular facial skincare routine, my hand care routine always starts with exfoliation. There are tons of hand exfoliation products out there, like the L'Occitane One Minute Hand Scrub, but I'm currently using Victoria's Secret's Mango Temptation Body Scrub. The key is the grains in the scrub, that exfoliate and sooth the skin; I love how smooth my hands feel after using just a small pea sized amount. I find it's important to wash your hands before doing your skincare routine, so I like to do my hand care routine just before exfoliating my face. 
My second step always consists of a good quality hand cream straight after exolfiating. At the moment I'm using the Ekos Creamy Hand Balm from December's Birch Box (January Box post is coming soon!) and it's so hydrating and smoothing for my skin, it's wonderful. You can use any good quality hand cream daily and your hands will stay smooth for hours, like Victoria Secret's Shea Ultimate Hand Cream. I love any hand creams with rich, moisturising butters and oils. 

Whenever I'm doing my nails or noticing my cuticles are getting dry and flakey, I like to use an intense cuticle cream that corrects the skin and lasts a long time. Unfortunately the product I use is no longer being stocked anywhere, it's completely gone and I can't find it! It's so sad because I adore it; Elle Macpherson's Manicure In A Jar has been my holy grail pre-manicure product for years and now that's its no longer being made, I have to find a new one. However, Burt's Bees do a very popular intense cuticle cream, the Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, which I have to give a try!
My last hand care essential is of course E45's Repair and Protect Overnight hand cream. I don't know anybody who hasn't got or tried and loved this product, it's one of the most popular overnight hand treatments. With Vitamin B3, overnight your hands are replenished and repaired with ease; I love overnight treatments, and just like Origin's Drink Up Intensive Mask for the face, this cream rejuvenates with a visible improvement. Your skin feels even, repaired and ready to go. If you have any scars, or burns, they'll be visibly repaired and healed. Certainly a cult classic. 

Is hand care important to you? What are your essentials? Used any of mine?

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