As of last month, I've been subscribed to probably the most well known (correct me if I'm wrong) beauty box subscription of the moment, Birch Box. The online Birch Box store has been one of my favourite go-to online beauty stores, but until now I hadn't had the pleasure of receiving a box each month to try out some gorgeous new brands. And that's the magic of Birch Box, brands you may not have heard of, or tried yet, are at your doorstep (literally) every month. Today I thought I'd share what Birch Box brought out for their January Box seeing as the excitement is killing me right now. Are you subscribed to Birch Box, or a subscription service like it?

What I love about Birch Box is that every month each box comes with a little booklet containing all the info you'll need on each product. As some of these brands and types of products are completely new to me, it really comes in handy to have a guide telling you the whats, hows and whens of each thing. On each page, the product profile also comes with a rating section, so you can note down whether you loved it or not and what effects it had on your skin; that way you know what you might repurchase later. 
What's in this months Box?

PrivĂ© Reparative Shampoo  - Includes a gamut of nourishing ingredients, to repair and protect dry hair, and any damages from colouring. It contains things like Aloe Vera, Jasmine Flower, and Orchid Flour. 

Whish CC Body Cream - This has a wonderful coconut scent, thanks of course to the coconut milk, hydrating and perfecting the skin. Coconut is a key ingredient for healthy skin so you can't go amiss with a body cream like this one. 

Doux Me Comforting Scrub Mask - Regenerative and hydrating, an all purpose mask with exfoliating beads that only requires seven minutes to work its magic. 

L'Occitane Light Comforting Cream - I'm a big fan of light creams to use as my day time moisturiser; L'Occitane have created a cream thats hydrating as well as light, so it doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. 

Jelly Pong Pong Lighten Up - This looks like an ordinary eye or lip liner of some kind, but it's actually a multipurpose crayon with three uses around the eye area. White eye liner is great for making your eyes appear more emphasised, but as well as this, the Jelly Pong Pong Crayon contours and corrects the under eye, and can be used to illuminate the brows. 
Birch Box also included a cute pair of head bands as a little gift from them! If you're not interested on getting the box but would like to get into some new products then stay tuned to this series and watch out for any favourites posts to see if these make it in. 

Heard of Amelia Liana? If not, where have you been? She did a video last august about the box and the Birch Box online store, I really enjoyed it and if my post doesn't persuade you this is a must have, then Amelia is sure to win you over. Enjoy!

What do you think of Birch Box? Subscribed to it or a service like it?

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