I first discovered Skinnydip London through their iPhone cases, which are absolutely gorgeous and some of the best ones I've seen available. I love dressing my iPhone up and putting on some really pretty cases to enhance the phones beauty. Of course iPhone cases aren't they only thing they sell; these days you can get anything from handbags, makeup accessories, purses to headphones, chic portable chargers and even stickers. My latest order from their site was my first venture into their sticker department to enhance the already gorgeous purse from there foldable range. What did you last buy from Skinnydip? 

If you follow Amelia Liana on youtube or instagram, you might have seen her Skinnydip computer case that she embellished with a large shell sticker like mine, its so pretty. They stick really well to any fabric and don't come off even in the busiest of bags. What I love about these stickers is that they're not just flat papery ones, they're almost like 3D pop out stickers that are specially designed to work on fabrics and remain intact. On my purse I chose to embellish it with the Shell sticker, which is understated enough not to be over top, but has a little shimmer to add some flare. The set I purchased is called the Rainbow Plushie Sticker Pack, available for just £10. I have yet to find a use for the others, but they're so amazing I feel like I need to find a suitable place worthy enough for sticking them!
The purse, like a lot of other Skinnydip purses, bags and makeup bags, is very minimalistic yet super chic. On its own it's still just as gorgeous as it is with the sticker on the front. I love how they've left you with the choice to really jazz it up, or add one or two embellishments, or just have it the way it comes. Unfortunately, the black version has run out of stock, but there's a Silver (currently on sale for £7.50) and Lilac folded purse still available now. I'm not a big coin person so the small pocket for spare change is enough for me. I can fit all my cards in the slots, and my notes in one of the two inner pockets. Believe it or not, the inner pocket also has enough room to put my passport along with a plethora of other receipts and random papers, with no added bulk. 
If you get the chance to, I highly recommend you head over to the site and check out all their latest goodies if you haven't already, you're sure to fall in love with something on there. A word of warning: you may accidentally spend too much money.

Ever shopped Skinnydip London? What do you think of my latest purchases?

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