My skincare routine is constantly changing, but one of the only things that hardly changes in my entire beauty regime is my skincare tools. I find that once you establish a skincare routine and know exactly what types of products you're going to be using, it's essential to have the right utensils to make the most out of them. It couldn't be easier after that! What are your current skincare tools?

A Soft Cleansing Brush

If my skin only needs a slight cleanse in the evening, or I'm using a foaming cleanser in the morning I like to use my Botanics Organic Facial Cleansing Brush. It offers a gorgeously soft cleanse and with any foaming cleanser, they lather up so well; it really gets the most out of them. My current favourite foaming cleansers to use with this brush are The Body Shop's Vitamin E Cream Cleanser and La Roche Posay's Effaclar Cleanser.

The key is the soft horse hair bristles that cleanse but don't over-exfoliate the delicate skin on your face. Hydréa London do an Olive Wood Facial Brush at Liberty London, which is almost exactly the same as Boot's Botanics Brush, both are brilliant additions to any skincare collection.

An Exfoliating Brush

I've been through so many exfoliating brushes simply because they're the backbone to my skincare routine in order to maintain smooth, detoxified skin every time I exfoliate. My current favourite is The Body Shop's Facial Brush; brilliantly designed and does exactly what it says on the tin. Others that are just as good that I've used before are Dermalogica's Facial Brush and the Origins Facial Brush. Again I'd use the same foaming cleansers with my exfoliating brush, however being careful not to be too rough on my skin, especially since it can be quite sensitive this time of year.

A Flannel

It may seem way to simple, but a flannel is key to any skincare routine. It can lightly exfoliate the skin as well as, consistently be the tool you use to remove cleanser from you face. My current flannels are cheap, simple drug store flannels available everywhere. Mine happens to be the type which you can put your hand into, which I've never tried before but I quite like. Emma Hardie does some wonderful flannels of beautiful quality if you're looking for a good one to buy online!

A Muslin Cloth

Ever since I had my skincare consultancy with The Body Shop, I've been obsessed with using Muslin Cloths. They've become an essential in my skincare routine as the tool to remove my oil based cleansers like balms, oils and gels. I always cleanse with an oil based cleanser after exfoliating to repair and protect the skin as well as add back some much needed hydration. My current muslin cloth is of course from The Body Shop's, however Elemis, Pai, Clinique, Eve Lom and Dr. Hauschka all do ones that are just as good.

What are yours? Used any of my skincare tools?

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