I deleted my first ever blog post yesterday because quite frankly I was astounded at how bad it was.  What's more is that I was just about to delete another when I stopped myself, took a deep breath and really thought it through. I've been blogging for almost two years now, and there comes a time in a bloggers life when they look back and lament about their bad writing style, shoddy pictures and often useless attempts at coding. 

When I look back it just reminds me of how I used to write like I had 1000 years experience in everything, and the awful pictures taken on my mums old Canon compact camera that I thought were works of art. Don't get me wrong, I'm still learning and improving everyday and I'm certainly no expert but since starting my blog I've gained a lot more understanding for photography, writing and just how to be a better blogger. Looking back can make you cringe a lot, but there's no reason to delete the past just because it's embarrassing. Have you ever deleted an old post? 

Whilst an old post might make you run for the hills, there's a lot of good that comes out them too. 
  • You can inspire new bloggers. When I first started my blog I often felt put down by how great other peoples blogs were and how amazing their pictures looked. Despite that, I managed to persevere because I saw so many others striving for what I was striving for, and also looking back at so many successful bloggers' first posts showed me there was hope
  • At the end of the day, what you wrote can still help someone out. One of my most popular posts, over a year ago now, was a post comparing Babyliss Pro straighteners to GHD's (post here). Even though when I read it now I just have a million problems with it, the traffic its gained showed me that it wasn't all that bad to other people. If you're a beauty or style blogger especially, old posts can still have valuable tips and help that people might stumble across and use to this day. 
  • In more complex ways, they can help you drive constant traffic to your blog. They may not look so great but because they've been out on the web for a lot longer than your latest posts, they've had more time to reach a wide audience around the world. I did a post a long time ago about my experience using Mary Helen Bowers' Ballet Beautiful workout series (post here); it wasn't very well written and most of the pictures weren't even mine (I linked back of course) but it's had more hits than any of my other posts. It's had time to reach front page on google searches and time to gain a lot more traffic for my blog. The same can be said for your old posts, it might just be an old post that earns you a new and faithful reader. 
  • It's a symbol of your progression. No matter how much they make you cringe, to other people, seeing your improvement and change throughout the years is hugely inspiring. Those posts will always have your mark on them, no matter how much your blog and you have changed; they're just little mementos to what once was. Why get rid of memories?

Ever deleted your old posts? What do you like about looking back?

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