You may remember back when the Kardashian's first announced the launch of their custom made websites and matching apps last year. People were not happy that they'd have to pay $2.99 per month to see the exclusive content, and I was just as annoyed at first. But, before completely renouncing the idea of trying their content, I subscribed to my two favourite Kardashian sisters, Kim and Kylie, to trial them out. You can unsubscribe at anytime and the first 7 days are totally free, so if you're not liking it at all you won't have to pay a penny. I did a post a while back about unlocking Kim's world here, if you want to know all about what you'll be getting from her. Today I thought I'd talk to you about why I think its definitely worth subscribing to Kylie's site too. Are you subscribed to any of the Kardashian's sites?
Kylie is obviously very well known for her makeup and its flawless versatility, which is hugely thanks to her amazing makeup artists, namely Hrush Achemyan. If you're not keen on the lifestyle aspects of her site, the makeup bits are pure gold. With her makeup artists, Kylie consistently uploads tutorial videos and 'get the looks' which show you step by step how to achieve every bit of the glam. Every product is named, priced and shown, so you can genuinely get the look if you wanted to. I personally love watching these videos for technique, application skills and adding more looks to my roster. 

Makeup stuff you'll love:
  • Kylie Glam tutorials w/ Hrush
  • Hair Care + Style Tips/Tutorials w/ Experts
  • Kylie Klaws
  • Kylie Up Close (Lip Kit exclusives and events!)
  • Neeeeed (must have beauty prods)
  • All about... (Iconic looks in detail)
  • So down (Kylie's personal beauty routines)
  • Help! My Face is F#cked! (Beauty sos with Gigi Gorgeous)
  • Kylie's Clique (Kylie Kyli-fies her friends)
If you're all about Fashion then, of course, Kylie also has you covered. Like a lot of blogs do, Kylie runs a series of 'posts' (I wouldn't know what else to call them, they're not really articles, its more in the style of a blog) called 'Cop My Style' and 'Shop The Selfie' which include direct links to the exact garments she's wearing in the photo, and cheaper alternatives from stores like Forever 21, H&M and TopShop. It's expected that her wardrobe is packed full of expensive items, however she gives you the opportunity to almost great a 'dupe' of her look or create it exactly. 

Fashion stuff you'll love:
  • Shop The Selfie
  • Cop My Style
  • OOTD
  • Neeeeed (must have pieces)
  • Eye Candy (Her style at events and photo shoots)
  • Looks
  • BTS (My favoutite, shots from her shoots and covers, they're beautiful)
Admittedly Kylie's 'Lyfe' section is for the more seasoned fans who are looking for every and any exclusive bit of information about Kylie's day to day life and her past; things that may not interest you. I personally like this section for Home deco, Cooking w/ Kyliefun live streams, shopping tips and a series called 'The Temperature' which is a little gossipy, but I love it. Stuff I don't get much out of are posts on her dogs, info on her and Kendall's game, and her throwbacks. 

Important Stuff to Note

I'd say if you're simply not a huge fan of Kylie, or genuinely don't like her, then despite the amazing fashion and beauty stuff on there, it just may not be a worthy investment. However, stuff that came as a surprise to me on her site were pleasantly heart warming. Kylie's series 'Fresh Blood' sheds the spotlight on new musicians, artists and others that need more love (Alessia Cara was featured a few months ago). Kylie Cares, another wonderful series, is all about giving back and being charitable, shedding light on serious issues, especially stuff you wouldn't think she'd care about. It certainly got me thinking.

The App

With your subscription, as with all the Kardashians, you can download the matching App to Kylie's to access the content on the go. There's nothing more to the app content wise, apart from a little feature called Kylie Radio. At the moment Kylie Radio is only available on the app (although she's working on getting it for the website) and consists of a constant stream of her favourite songs as well as live sessions between Kylie and her guests/best friends. Interviews, advice and just chat is to be expected, so if that's not for you, the music is definitely a nice touch.
So I hope this in depth talk about Kylie Jenner's site has helped in some way, whether you were thinking about getting a subscription, wanted to know more or were just generally curious. I truthfully get a lot of joy from the site and as a subscription service, it isn't all that expensive. Keep doing what you're doing Kylie.

Subscribe to Kylie's site here.

Thinking of getting a subscription? Who's your favourite Kardashian? Do you think it's worth the subscription fee?

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