My makeup collection is forever expanding to the point where I often can't keep track of it all. I like to try out a lot of products before they become part of my core makeup collection, and this month of March brings many more bits to try. Today I'm sharing the items that have made it into my core collection, and as new as they are, they're already impressing me. You'll definitely be seeing more of these guys round here. What makeup bits are you currently trying out? Any recent purchases?

First off, Born Pretty have kindly sent me some more gorgeous makeup bits to try out, beginning with their 2 in 1 Eye Brow Pencil & Eye Brow Brush Set* which I chose in colour 3, a lovely light brown perfect for natural looking full brows. This reminds me so much of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, with its retractable pencil, triangular tip and of course the spooly; I could go as far as to say its a fantastic dupe! Either way, I love this product, its so easy to use and has not failed me so far.  

For the lips, the Midnight Cool nude lip* range of 9 colours provides a gorgeous, strong finish perfect for a classic nude lipstick. I find nude lipstick/matte liquid lipsticks are so beautiful and versatile, you need plenty of lip liners that match them, in your kit. I love that this liner is long lasting and goes with many shades of nude, but since there are lots to choose from, you can match it almost exactly to your lipstick. It's definitely up their with some of my Nyx and L'Oreal favourites!
As a subscriber to Birchbox, I get a lot of little makeup items to try out, some of which are hits and some misses. The new arrivals I've been loving so far include the familiar Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner, a very popular easy to apply liquid liner. It has, what Eyeko describe as, a 'chubby pen' which is the key to its mega easy application. I've tried a lot of liquid liners and I've found most of them were so impossible to use, unless you want to redo your makeup 5 times before you get it right. Upon my first use of the Fat Liner, I was amazed at just how effortless and simple it was to create many looks with its pen like applicator. It's a sure win

If you too are subscribed to Birchbox, then you'll have come across LOC (Love of Colour), their little brand that sells the sweetest matte lipsticks around. I received their Vibrant Matte Lipstick in the shade Glam Life which is a gorgeous berry plum colour. It applies well, its really soft and looks great. My only bug bear is that it doesn't last too long before you have to refresh it because it comes off easily on drinks and whilst eating. But if you're willing to top it up every once in a while, its hydrating yet matte formula is definitely worth a try. 
Last of the Birchbox newbies, is Jelly Pong Pong's Lighten Up brightener and water-liner. I'd never heard of this brand before, but based on this product alone, I'm excited to explore it more. This liner is, for me, a multi tasking must have for any makeup bag; highlight your water line, cupids bow and even below your eye brows to give them more definition. It can also be used in place of a powder highlighter on your cheeks, forehead and nose! There's nothing this thing can't do. 
In the recent months I have become rather obsessed with palettes and wanted to try out Sleek's best selling Face Contour Kit to see what all the fuss was about. The product ranges through Light, Medium and Dark, so I chose medium for my light tan skin tone. I don't do a lot of contouring, so this basic set was perfect; when it arrived it looked a lot smaller than I expected but, in hindsight, it's actually just right. The Highlighter is my favourite part of this set, its so gentle and illuminating, I just love it. For only £13 its a great alternative to the expensive sets that may be too much for your needs. This simple, blendable contour colour and beautiful highlight shade is all I need.

Receiving this next palette in the post was probably the highlight (pardon the pun) of my week, if not my month. I've been subscribed to Carli Bybel on youtube since she had just over 200 subscribers, and following her journey until now has been a real pleasure. I could go on, but that's for a more in depth post on her collab with BH Cosmetics later! In brief, the Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics palette is a spectacular range of 14 colours for eye shadow and highlight. They're so pigmented, a range that suits all skin tones and types, but also just one of the best palettes I own. I could ramble on forever about it!
New to my makeup tools I've received Born Pretty's Squared Makeup Organiser* perfect for lipsticks, pencils and more. I see this type of organiser everywhere these days, it's so handy and fits any Mac lipstick like a glove. There are 24 slots and 4 tiers, it makes your collection look far more organised and helps you declutter. It's super affordable and I think everyone needs at least one of these on their vanity. My last new addition is a simple Born Pretty steel Eyelash Curler*; its strong, affordable and does exactly what it says on the tin! 

What have you recently picked up? Tried any of my new in makeup or tools?

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