As promised, today I'm doing a full overview of Carli Bybel's collaboration with BH Cosmetics on this gorgeous Eye Shadow and Highlighter Palette. Sorry for the weeks delay, those of you who've applied or are applying to uni know exactly what its like this time of year! Anyway, I've been following Carli Bybel on youtube since she had maybe 200 subs, I know its cliché, but her journey is simply awe inspiring to me and once you get stuck into her videos you can't help but love her. We got a first look at her palette back in August 2015, then shortly after it was released at the price of $20/£14. At the moment it's selling for on $12.50/£8 thanks to a 38% off sale on BH Cosmetics makeup, so don't hesitate to pick one up whilst it's on sale! Are you subscribed to Carli on youtube? Have her palette yet?

As stated on the front, this palette contains 14 eye shadow and highlighter shades, all of which can be used as eye shadows if you like. The main reason why I love this collection of shades is the range of colours and looks you can create; there's a highlighter for every occasion, skin tone or preference and the eye shadows range from day time lights and nudes to more signature evening colours. 

The Highlighters:

The 4 large highlighter shades are perfect for all skin tones, and are highly versatile. I like to use a mixture of the first two shades (light pink and light peach) for my everyday highlighting routine, they're soft, pigmented and glide onto my skin beautifully. The second two have a more distinguishable metallic shimmer, and are great for more dramatic evening looks and contouring. The darker shades can also be used on darker skin tones for a gorgeous highlight day or night. All of these can of course be used as eye shadows as well. 

The Eye Shadows: 

For me the 10 eye shadow shades in this palette are definitely my favourites to use day and night; a range of peaches, creams, pinks, purples, and some gorgeous shimmery golds and bronzes make this palette something I can rely on for almost everything. I like to use the plain cream colour as a base for most of the light shades, including the light pink, peach and gold. This can also be used as a base for the more dramatic shades like the very dark bronzes. Among the more purple shades, the three non-shimmery purples work well with the light pink shimmer as bases or a gorgeous couple. There are so many possibilities for this versatile collection.

The little elements Carli added and specifically designed make this palette even more special. As a huge lover of penguins, of course there had to be a little penguin on the spine of the palette. Carli prefered a very regal aesthetic and went for a cushion design all over in white with some added pearls. She wanted to bring out something that didn't look like anything else on the market right now; all white is definitely a stand out palette design and I love it! One thing I love also is the packaging, it's really nice a slim so it fits in a travel bag very easily, seeing as its such a range of colours, this is all I need when I go away. One thing I would have loved would be names for each shade so they're much easier to distinguish, to maybe to add even more personality to this palette.

International shipping tips + my experience

If, like me, you do quite a lot of online shopping then you'll know how frustrating shipment timing and pricing can be, especially when it takes ages to arrive from the same country. With BH Cosmetics it's so easy, quick and efficient. My palette arrived from America about a week and half after I ordered it, and was only $5 to ship over. Unfortunately my palette came damaged; the large pink highlighter came broken and whilst a drop of rubbing alcohol fixes it nicely, I still informed the company. BH quickly responded to me and sent another palette for free which came even faster, in much better packaging; and most importantly wasn't damaged. Frankly, I was shocked at the quality of customer service and response times, all I had to do was send an image of the damage and they sent a new one straight away. If you were concerned about shipping to the UK or anywhere around Europe especially, I hope I've reassured you!

What do you think of Carli's Palette? What's your favourite shade out of the 14?

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