You may remember from a few months ago, I did a post all about my Current Skincare Tools, because they're just as important as the products you use. I think the same applies for Makeup tools, the better the brush, sponge or applicator, the better your makeup looks, no matter how expensive the products are. I've gone through my entire makeup drawer and pulled out my most used and relied upon tools for applying my makeup, as well as cleaning them. I'm quite happy with my current line up but I'm always looking elsewhere to add more brushes or tools to my collection. If there's more out there, then I'll find an excuse as to why I need it. What are your current, go-to makeup tools?

The Brushes

As you can see, it's no secret that I love Real Techniques Brushes, in fact currently they're the only brushes I own. That's not saying I won't buy any other brands brushes (in fact I'm really into Sephora's and Zoeva's), but so far they're the brand I most trust. Within the Real Techniques Brush Collection (which as you may know is huge) there are several others that I would love to buy next. 

Multi Task Brush: I use this large pink brush for applying setting powder, bronzer, and blush. 

Tapered Foundation Brush: I don't always use this foundation brush to apply my foundation, it depends on what kind of coverage I'm looking for. If I want a heavier coverage, this brush is more ideal, plus it's great for concealer too. 

Angled Highlighter Brush: I love using highlighter, I apply it almost religiously for everyday and more glam evening looks. This brush is perfect for an even application on the cheek bones, nose, chin and forehead. If you like putting highlighter on your cupids bow, I suggest using the Precision Liner brush. 

Base Shadow Brush: The largest of the purple collection, this brush is ideal for applying your base eye shadow ensuring an even application without losing any product. 

Collectors Edition Eye-lining Set: These 4 brushes come in a handy travel pouch and include everything but the Base Shadow Brush to carry out any eye makeup look. This includes the Precision Liner Brush, Smudge Brush, Eyeliner Brush, and the Pointed Liner Brush.

The Sponges

I love using sponges and beauty blender type products to evenly and lightly apply foundation, concealers and various powders. I think they give the best looking, natural finish and a great base for other products. Do you prefer brushes or sponges?

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: Much like the original favourite, the Beauty Blender, Real Techniques' sponge is angled and tapered to allow for various types of application. The pointy end is perfect for even coverage foundation or concealer, whilst the flat, angled side gives you the advantage of precision. 

MAC Wedge Sponges: Probably the best product to use for precision and of course, Baking, is the wedge sponge. I rely heavily on my MAC wedge sponges, they're perfect for applying under eye powder, and their angles allow for application in the small crevices of your face. Mine are from MAC but there are so many brands who do them, and they're so cheap. 

Other Tools + Cleaning 

Sephora Eye Lash Curler: An invaluable tool to make my lashes pop is my metallic pink Sephora Eye Lash Curler in the traditional all metal style. Whilst this works a treat, I would also love to try their 'Things are looking up' eye lash curler, which is in the Laura Mercier style plastic curler, and interesting design I'd love to see the effects of. 

Real Techniques Brush Cleanser + Palette: As soon as Real Techniques brought out their Brush Cleanser I jumped at the opportunity to try it and now I'm hooked. More recently, however, they brought out their hugely helpful cleansing Palette which takes brush cleaning to the next level. Before I was using this, all I used was some paper towel and my hands, as Nic instructed, but now you can tailor the type of cleanse each brush gets thanks to the different ridges on the palette, its perfect. 

What are your current makeup tools? Use any of mine?

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