In case you missed it, in my Exploring & Other Stories Skincare post I reviewed and tested 6 skincare products from their collection and was throughly surprised, if you didn't catch it its here. Today, continuing with the & Other Stories Beauty theme, I'm testing out their new Sequin Ray Luminising Quad* a multi purpose highlighting set perfect for the summer. I'm mad about highlighters and was so excited to try this new one out; the formula is slightly different to what I'm used to but appears to have so much range and versatility. Have you explored & Other Stories Makeup yet?

My favourite makeup formulas always take the form of a cream rather than a powder because they glide on the skin a lot easier and don't cake the face, especially in the summer months. Other advantages of light cream formulas are their ability to adapt to the skin and look a lot more natural; the thing I most dislike about powders is how dry they make the skin look and feel, if there is one, I'll always look for a cream option in any product. Within the £15 price bracket, I can compare my powder Sleek duo which includes a highlighter for £7, to this cream formula. However, Sleek now do a very popular cream highlighter quad (Solstice Highlighting Palette) for £10 that is a perfect product to compare to this one. That's another one for the wishlist...

The Sequin Ray Luminising Quad includes four creamy pigmented shades to suit all skin tones and types. For me the best way to apply this is with a small, fine tapered brush or your fingers, on the cheeks, nose, chin and cupids bow. I love adding a little highlight to my cupids bow, however with a powder it's a lot harder to pull off; a slight application of your desired shade on the tip of the cupids bow goes on perfectly and looks stunning with this quad. As a perfect base product you can also apply this before your foundation to add a highlight throughout the face. 
The four shades work perfectly with a range of skin tones and undertones, and I like to use light peachy-nude shade as my main highlighter. The other shades, however, do not go to waste; as a cream, all the shades can be used as a base for your eye shadow, with mattifying, smoothing properties that almost prime the skin for the main eye shadow shade. They're a great shimmery base for an eye shadow or on their own for a very understated look. The best thing about this quad is that you can play around with it as much as you like to find different ways to add its gorgeous luminescence to your skin. Another tip for lighter skin tones is to use the bronzy shade as a shimmer bronzer; this palette is made for summer, I cannot wait to highlight away and step out in the sun. 
If you're already impressed with this one product, you'll be happy to know & Other Stories have quite an extensive range of makeup products in their store and online, well worth an explore. This collection includes their Chubby Eyemarker, Radiant Retouch Concealer (2 shades), Radiance Cream, Butter Bronze, Duo Blusher, Poplin Sand Liquid Foundation, Face Contour Cream Palette, Liquid Lipstick, Eye Colour Palettes and much more. 

What is your favourite cream highlighter at the moment? Do you prefer creams or powders?

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