As I mentioned in my previous Birchbox Unboxing post for July, I am doing a 6 monthly review of all the products that I've received from Birchbox so far. The good, the bad and the ugly. I think it would give you and I a chance to see how worth it Birchbox has been since January, and see whether its worth subscribing to (and for me, continuing my subscription). I have a yearly subscription which came to around £130 (average price for most boxes), but as much as I love Birchbox, I'm always open to trying other subscription services to find the best one, with the best products and value for money. What subscription service do you like? 

So the way I'm listing the products in each category starting with the first products I received in January, all the way to July. After using these products for a while I can elaborate on my opinion of them since my unboxing, lets see how this goes. Any products listed as 'Good' will be elaborated on in a future post, hopefully when I get the full size. 


Average - would I buy full size? No 
Good - would I buy full size? Yes
Bad - would I buy full size? No
Good - would I buy full size? Probably not cause I love Garnier's
Good - would I buy full size? Yes
La Rosé Soft Face Cleanser 
Ugly - nope, the beads are so annoying and I broke out! 
Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre 
Good*** - Already have full size, its a holy grail product for me. 
Erborian Yuza Sorbet 
Good - would I buy full size? Yes (but, it would break the bank big time
Good - would I buy full size? No, the beads! 
Absolution Purifying Cleanser 
Good* - would I buy full size? Definitely
Cartier Paris Pink Clay Mask 
Good** - would I buy full size? Yes yes yes!
Thermalitiv Micellar Lotion 
Good*** - would I buy full size? It's the second best Micellar water I've ever used, no joke!

Skincare overall? On the whole I'm quite happy with what I've recieved, and the best product I've discovered thanks to Birchbox is Thermalitiv's Micellar water. 


Jelly Pong Pong Lighten Up
Uglywould I buy full size? Certainly not, it's just such a bad idea. 
Loc Lipstick in 'Uncorked'
Badwould I buy full size? No, it comes off so easily, and just doesn't suit me. 
Ciaté Mini Nail Polish
Good* - would I buy full size? Yes, gorgeous colour, great finish. 
Summit Brown Eyeliner Pencil
Goodwould I buy full size? Yes
Modelco More Brows
Goodwould I buy full size? Yes
Loc Cream Eyeshadow Stick in 'Express Me'
Good** - would I buy full size? Yes! Amazing colour, so impressive. 
Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner in Black Charcoal
Good* - would I buy full size? Definitely! 

Makeup overall? I would say that overall the makeup I've received has been good, however looking at it now, I would have liked to have review a bit more. 


Which CC Body Cream
Goodwould I buy full size? Yes, you can't go wrong with coconut.
Soap & Paper Factory Hand cream Green Tea Shea Butter
Goodwould I buy full size? Yes
Whish Three Wishes Bath & Body Gel
Goodwould I buy full size? Yes
Beauty Protector Beauty Wash Body Cleanser
Goodwould I buy full size? Yes
Rituals Foaming Shower Gel
Good* - would I buy full size? Yes, its gorgeous! 
L'Occitaine Jasmine & Bergamote Shower Gel
Goodwould I buy full size? Yes
Mimikita Sun Screen
Uglywould I buy full size? Definitely not, I got a nasty rash from it :(
Anatomicals Coconut + Mango Body Lotion
Goodwould I buy full size? Yes

Bodycare overall? As you can see it's been brilliant in the body care department these past 6 months, I'm a big fan of what I've received so far.


Privé Reparative Shampoo
Goodwould I buy full size? No, because I don't think it's worth what they charge for it. 
Rich Miracle Renew CC Shampoo
Good* - would I buy full size? Yes! This stuff is magic, my hair was so soft after just one wash. 
Jour D'Automme Thermal Styling Spray
Goodwould I buy full size? Yes
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstruction Conditioner
Good*** -would I buy full size? Already have! 
Hip Cocoon Shampoo
Badwould I buy full size? Nope, seems like a waste of time to me.
Batiste Dry Shampoo Plus
Badwould I buy full size? No, these products just don't work well with my hair.
Kevin.Murphy Hydrate Me Rinse
Good** - would I buy full size? Yes! Kevin Murphy just nails it! 
Number 4 High Performance Haircare Restore and Repair Oil
Goodwould I buy full size? Yes

Haircare overall? Birchbox has proven to be just perfect when it comes to haircare, it takes me hair characteristics and matches the product just right.

Putting this post together has really opened my eyes to whether or not Birchbox is worth my money. I'm very happy with Haircare and Bodycare especially, however Skincare needs some improvement  and Makeup needs just more of it. For £10 per box + postage, I'd say I'd like to try other boxes of the same price range to see whether I can get better value for money. However, for now I've got 6 more  boxes to come from Birchbox, so stay tuned for whats in those. 

Other boxes I'd like to try: 

U Feelunique (£29)
Ipsy (£10) 
Sephora Play (£10) 
Glossy Box (£20)
Beauty Fix (£20)
Goodbeing (£15)

Do you think Birchbox is worth it? What is your favourite subscription box? 

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