I rarely do focused lifestyle posts or 'life updates' but there are a few things that I really wanted to share. When you're life is about to change quite significantly, a lot of go through your head and many of those thoughts stem from fear. For me, there are a few changes that will drastically affect my daily life; where I live and and my schedule, but it hopefully won't inhibit me from doing the things that I love, like blogging for example. What big changes are happening or going to happen in your life? 

A more technological change in my life, and something I can't stop fan girling about is my new iPhone, the iPhone 6s Plus in Rose Gold. I got this a while ago but never got a chance to put it on my blog, however the novelty has definitely not warn off yet. I may do a what's on my iPhone post later, and I'm fully aware that there'll be a new one this September making mine obsolete, but you know what? I'm happy and grateful for it regardless. 

I myself find it so hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle when my progress is ruined by unhealthy snacking (I blame sugar). It's also really difficult being a vegetarian around people who are huge meat eaters, to eat healthily and snack on things that won't increase my waist size. Chocolate and carbs are my main problem areas, but eliminating these things completely from my life won't help. 

Something that has been really helping me over the last few weeks is the introduction of these brand new delicious snack bars from Good Full Stop*. Everyone needs a daily intake of protein, sugar, and carbs for example, but it can be hard to find ways of getting those in healthily. With Good Full Stop snack bars, I've had no problem getting my chocolate and carb fix the right way. Unhealthy sugars are replaced by natural sugars in dates, maple syrups and raisins, whilst getting a healthy mix of protein rich nuts and brans. And they're DELICIOUS!

Featured here are: Double Choc Fruit Bar // Choc & Orange Fruit and Nut Bar // Raspberry Fruit & Nut Bar (check out the full range here) (All Good Full Stop Bars are Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, and 1 of your 5 a day). 

Aside from dietary and technological changes, the biggest change in my life right now is University. For those of you who don't know, I took a gap year this past year so most of my life as an 18 year old was at home rather than at university like my peers and friends. However, from September that all changes! Finally after a year long wait, I am going to University to study language and literature. My excitement and anticipation for this next step in my life is so overwhelming, but I'm ready to start a new chapter and establish a new, more independent version of myself. 

I'm not sure what to expect from University at all, but I'm sure if I do the necessary prep and purchasing, I should have everything I need to get a good start to my studies. Knowing that most uni students have to be very tight fisted with their cash is quite daunting for me as I'm extremely used to wasting all my money on makeup without even thinking about it, but it just means I'll have to make serious and conscious financial decisions instead of the usual impulse ones. 

What changes are happening in your life right now? What are your favourite healthy snacks? Any advice for a new university student? 

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