So, I've never been a 'Blush' person, I carry a small blush palette by Sleek, which is one, modest peach toned compact shade that I lightly apply to my already reddened cheeks. Hence why I don't spend too much money on Blush related products, and stick to the more affordable brands that will still do the trick. This week's affordable purchase is from Makeup Revolution, a brand I've of course heard great things about, but never tried until now. The Ultra Blush Sugar & Spice Palette and the Golden Sugar Palette were obvious picks for me, gorgeous yet affordable new palettes to try. What are your go-to Blush products?

The Ultra Blush Palette in Sugar & Spice (£6) features a wide range of shades for contouring, highlighting and of course blush for the cheeks. It's main function is as a matte blush palette but it features one light highlighting shade, a shimmery pinky shade for those who like their blush to have a glow to it, and two more neutral shades for contouring. I've found myself reaching for the deep contour shade, the highlighter and the light peach/pink blush shade the most. 

It's always hit and miss with palettes like this because you might find one shade that's a perfect blush shade for you, but the others go to waste. If you do other peoples makeup regularly, or are a makeup artist, this offers a perfect range for most skin types, but for personal use it's slightly harder to get the most out of it. However, if you like to switch up your looks or vary the intensity of your blush, then this is ideal. Plus, never rule out the option of them coming in handy as eyeshadow! 

This palette could not be more appealing to me, from the name to the slightly marbled baked shades, the Golden Sugar Palette is the perfect range of blushes, contour and highlighters for that signature Makeup Revolution glow. The difference between this and the Sugar & Spice palette is the highlight potential, the more complex blush formula described as 'merged blushers' and some key bronzer shades. I've never seen a blush with a marble appearance, but the colour pay off is extremely good with a selection of usable highlighters for all and shimmery bronzers. The pinky shimmer shades are offer a gorgeous summer blush glow, with the more matte bronzers to partner along side. 

Again this palette is only £6, and has already formed a key part in my face routine. I like to use a matte blush before applying a slight pink highlight over the top, for a more playful shimmer, as well as the neutral colour highlight for my cheek bones, cupids bow, and nose. Any one of these shades can also be used for your inner eye corner highlight, so you can coordinate it with whichever eyeshadow look you've got that day. The very white shade is good for that, and very pale skin, but also perfect for the brow bone. 

What are your go-to Blush products? Ever tried Makeup Revolution? What are your faves?

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