When Autumn comes around, my wardrobe isn't the only thing that gets a slight recharge. As much as I like adding browns, oranges and warm autumn tones to my clothes, I also love adding a few extra bits to my Jewellery collection. As I've just entered University, it's important I have the appropriate accessories to wear for social events and outings, as well as different pieces to vary each day. I currently have 3 ear piercings (post to come regarding those!) and I love accessorising with them, so earrings were a must have for my Jewellery Update. What have you added to your jewellery collection this season?  

A recent jewellery discovery in the gorgeous Happiness Boutique brought along some new earrings, the first being theses beautiful Diamond Stud Earrings* in rose gold. I've been really feeling the rose gold vibes recently, but I was yet to venture there in the jewellery department until now. These are perfectly styled on their own, hair up or down, but also great if you have other piercings like me, as you can add so many different types of studs with them too. Size wise, they're very versatile as they're not too small but not oversized, so they're perfect for every day wear and formal events. 

The second pair of earrings I have fallen in love with, not only because they are so gorgeous but also because they are equally as easy to wear, flawlessly executed. The Angelic Feather Crystal Ear Crawlers* in silver perfectly encapsulate a formal, gorgeous look and they go with so many outfits, the world is your oyster with this pair. I've always found cuffs don't work well with my ears, but these are created to go into your lobe hole and hook effortless around the top of the ear and I've found it so easy to rock these. They're surprisingly light for a quality pair of silver earrings like these, I know the weight of an earring can be a problem for some people including me. 

Happiness Boutique have kindly provided me with a discount code for my readers, so if you like what you see and want to save an extra 10% off your order, then simply enter 'asocalledbeautyblog' at the check out

What do you think of my new Jewellery editions from Happiness Boutique? What are your Autumn fashion/jewellery additions? 

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