If you follow me on Instagram (@asocalledbeauty) then you'll know I just moved in to my University Accommodation, where I've finally organised and arranged my clothes, shoes, books, kitchen utensils, food and most importantly, beauty products. But today I'm focusing on my Kitchen Utensils and essentials that I've picked up to begin my new life as a self catered, first year student of English Literature and Spanish. It's something a little different, but I wanted to share my last splurge haul on some new kitchen stuff. So, if you're about to go to Uni or are thinking about going next year, then this might help you decide what you need to pick up. What are you currently studying? What are your kitchen essentials?

I purchased my stuff from all over the place (as you'll see below) but there are some places in particular that I think have the best quality and best looking products around. Ikea is of course, and always will be a favourite of mine for anything homeware. But along side that, shopping home ware and kitchen ware in particular with ZARA or Urban Outfitters will leave you kitted out with some of the best kitchen utensils. Don't forget to have a snoop on John Lewis' site, or visit a store near you for a range of reliable kitchen must haves as well. 

As you can see I went for mostly pastel colours because it's still sort of summer, and I'm not quite over the pastel trend yet. I got my Cloths in this gorgeous Pastel Pink and White striped style matching my Oven Mitt. Other pastel colours included in this haul are my lovely Plate and Bowl Sets, as well as my Spatula. When buying anything crockery related, it's always best to have two of everything because you never know. My Pastel Blue set is the perfect size, and quality for my year at uni. 

You'll also notice that I purchased a stand alone Wok, which might seem excessive but, it's said to be one of the most essential tools for a student kitchen. You can do so much in it; soups, stews, curries, stir-frys (duh) and a range of other fried dishes in just the one Wok. 

An Oven Dish was an obvious choice for a range of different recipes, but I continued the pastel theme (of course) with my Pot and Frying Pan. In terms of Kitchen utensils, I got the usual essentials including; A Hand Held Grater, Whisk, Peeler, Bottle Opener, Spoon, Tin Opener and Fish Slice. All these miscellaneous tools are so easy to find, and some often come in handy sets

Probably the thing I was most excited about when I saw it in store was the Rose Gold or Copper Cutlery Set. Its not as costly as it looks and its got a lovely matte finish, I can't take my eyes off them. They go well with my plates and bowls, and you can find them all over the internet #cutlerygoals. Along side that I also bought a Wooden Chopping Board and Tongs for dry and wet food prep. I went for a small board seeing as it's only me that I'll be cooking for, and it also helps cut down the cost. 

Side note: Whilst looking for links for this post, I was surfing ZARA Home and found the badest cutlery set around. So if you really want to see #CutleryGoals then check these out!

What do you think of my University Kitchen tools? Is my cutlery #cutlerygoals (haha)? What are you best tips for surviving uni on a budget?

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