Okay so I know what you might be thinking, my official 2 year Blogiversary was indeed back in July, but I've been so busy, I just couldn't get around to making this post until now; in October! Just goes to show how organised I am, but realistically I didn't expect much better from myself when experiencing major shell shock from the amount of University work I'd get in the first couple of months being here. But its here now, I can officially sign off on another happy, successful year of doing what I love. That's the beauty of blogging, ultimately you make your own rules, content and working hours; forever enjoying the journey. 

Most popular posts from the last year:

Posts that need a little more love: 

Onto the giveaway! This year I've collaborated with the lovely Dresslily on their giveaway of 10 $100 Giftcards for any items on their site. It's obviously coming up to halloween so their most popular items right now are their raved about Halloween stuff, which I can't wait to showcase on my blog in an upcoming halloween post! But as you can see above, there are two simple steps on my instagram to be in for a chance to win, and since their are going to be 10 winners, there's an even bigger chance! Enter now! Giveaway ends 18th October. 

How old (or young) is your blog? What do you love about blogging? Feel free to leave links to your posts that need a little more love, and don't forget to enter the Instagram Giveaway! 

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