Judging by the hauls I've been doing recently, I seem to shop at H&M quite a lot thanks to where I live currently being super close to a massive H&M store; you can't really blame me. This time around I stuck to more of the accessories and lingerie, but my local store has so much plus a massive Homeware section, and we all know how gorgeous H&M home is. One thing I was dissapointed by was that despite being such a huge branch, they had no H&M sport which is what I'd originally came for. I'm not, however, the sort of person to walk away empty handed, so I picked up a few basics that caught my eye. What have you picked up recently? 

It's no secret that H&M Lingerie is absolutely stunning, and just thinking about it takes me back to the days when my best friend and I would spend hours sifting through the rails looking for all the most gorgeous pieces. This time round however, I went for some super basic picks from their simple lingerie essentials. This 3-pack Cotton-blend brief set reminds me so much of the Calvin Klein style with the elasticated waist band and the similar colour scheme; it caught my eye immediately. I think you can never have too many briefs, and at only £5.99 I can see why these are so popular. 

When I saw this super chic 'Snap Queen' case in the accessories section, I knew I had to have it. At the time I wasn't at all sure what I was going to do with it (but I say, never let that put you off though) but the style and slogan won me over instantly. I implore you to go searching for this gem at your local H&M because for the life of me I can find this thing online! As you can see it's in the Divided section, so if like me, you need this thing in your life, then go searching. I really hope its still there! I've decided to use mine for transporting my makeup brushes, as its the perfect size to fit them all, and suits my back and forth travelling schedule. 

For more accessories like this, just go online in the 'Others' section and you'll find a ton of must have items. 

In my experience H&M jewellery is a little hit and miss, the fabulous prices sometimes don't make up for a lack of quality and I want to immediately disclaim that if you are sensitive to low quality metals, especially earrings, then H&M Jewellery is simply a no go for you. When I first got my ears pierced I did make the error of buying the cheapest quality earrings from the likes of New Look and H&M, and whilst I got away with it, some people (even some people that I knew) reacted very badly to them, so it's essential to know your skins tolerance before shopping this range. That being said, I must also confess my love for H&M Jewellery, especially their Earrings. I can't resist them!

Since I now have three ear piercings on each ear, I find myself looking for much smaller, cute little studs rather than big ones these days, and I've found H&M have a lot to offer here. The gorgeous 12 Piece Stud Set at £6.99 caught my eye, and I love the variety of combinations I have to chose from now. The second set is another item I simply can't find online, but it speaks for itself as a very simply, tiny stud set of 8, perfect for that third statement earring to finish the look. 

What have you recently picked up from H&M? What are your fall must have accessories?

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