Aaaaannddd we're back! You may have noticed I had some issues with my Go Daddy domain renewal and basically my blog wasn't 'my blog' for about 48 hours or so; it was super scary. But we're back now, and I'll address all that fun stuff in an upcoming post. For today I wanted to chat about my current lip transitions for Autumn/Winter, diving into some of the changes I will/won't be making this season. My makeup kit stays with me wherever I go (I travel a lot, so I carry a huge vanity case) but what I reach for tends to change when the colder weather starts coming in. That being said there are some lippies I reach for, no matter what season it is. What are your autumn/winter lip transitions this year? 

So, to start off with I think it's clear what kind of colours I'll be transitioning from; the nudes, pinks and overall just very light, summery shades. I'm quite particular when it comes to what nudes I wear, and I'm yet to find the absolute perfect one but since we're in the autumn/winter makeup phase, there's simply no pressure to do that at the moment. I loved these pinky/nude lippies in the summer and at the start of autumn when it was still pretty warm, but now these are officially being sidelined for some darker shades. But, here's a breakdown of some of those: 

Sleek Matte Me in 'Birthday Suit' - two out of the three lipsticks in this post are matte and that kind of represents my go to lipstick type. I'm a matte girl; eyes and lips. The matte me formula is incredible and has brilliant staying power for an amazing price. 'Birthday Suit' is the perfect balance of pinky/nude, and I'd often mix this with other shades to brighten them up. 

Maybelline Colour Sensational 'Pink Fling' Lipstick* - this one is definitely a summer go to, and works well with a bikini and a cocktail! I love this shade, it's pink with a hint of lilac but for winter it just washes me out. My tan is officially gone now, so I'm looking for more vivid shades that will pop, and not make me look even paler. But a great lippie indeed! 

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 'Dolce K' - you may remember when I first bought this way back in july/august time, I absolute am in love with this shade and the formula (and obviously the brand itself too). Admittedly, this is more of a grungy nude, with some purple undertones that I will still be reaching for in the coming months simply because its just one of those shades that works all year round. 

Onto the lippies that I've been reaching for lately and will be reaching for a lot more this season/winter; the reds and vivid pinks. Obviously, my collection is super limited at the minute (#studentbudgetproblems), but I'm planning on adding a lot more dark shades to my winter collection; hopefully that means more Kylie Cosmetics mattes - you listening Santa? My favourites right now include: 

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in 'Berry Boost'* - if 'intense' is what you're aiming for, then this range from Maybelline is a must have. The shade I'm rocking this season is a healthy, vibrant mix of dark pink and red; its such a pretty shade, and goes with almost any eye makeup look I do, especially burgundy ones. 

Seventeen Stay Pout in 'Date Night'* - When searching for the perfect winter red, this 'Date Night' shade didn't come far off. I'm always excited when an opportunity arrises that's perfect for this vibrant red shade, and its perfect for the colder weather. I prefer to wear it on nights out, events and special occasions; but with a simpler eye makeup look, its stunning for everyday wear too. 

What are your favourite autumn/winter makeup changes? Tried any of my go-to lippies?

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