So it's been a while since I did a more chit chat life based post, but seeing as university work and life in general has been getting in the way of my passions i.e. blogging fashion and beauty, I wanted to take this much deserved break from work to get back in and talk about what's been going on lately. If you're at college/high school and are thinking of going to university, my experience from the last 3 months might help, but also if you're just an interested reader who wants the low down on my life, blog and what's to come, then keep reading. I'll try not to be too long winded!

I feel very lucky in my current position for many reasons, but mostly because I get to go home a lot as I don't live too far away from my uni, and believe me if you think the independence is the best thing in the world and you don't need home, you'll completely change your mind after the first month or so. I'm not homesick, but I just love going home and seeing my family, dogs, opening blogger mail and just relaxing! So, I'm home every 2-3 weeks, which is not the same for some people unfortunately, so I really appreciate home a lot more in general now. 

Another reason I'm feeling rather lucky right now, is because I still have the most enjoyable, rewarding passion on my side, which is of course blogging. Whilst I may have to take 1-2 weeks away from it due to exams, tight schedules, or anything shitty like that, it's always there when I'm ready to come back and I highly recommend still fitting in a little twitter/facebook/instagram promotion now and again even if you can't post in that period of time. But as you can probably tell, I'm over that exam rut, and I'm back in full swing! 

They say you make your best friends for life at university, and whilst I don't doubt that and I've already made some great friends here, I already have my best friend for life (her twitter is @Chelseea_E if you want to check her out!) who doesn't go to my uni, and lives so, so, so far away... 😭 But, we see each other as often as we can, and nothing stops us from talking every day, and fitting in the odd Skype session now and again. As for my university social life, I haven't experienced the whole going out every night, party every week, hungover all time life which I'm not really too mad about, because you learn to appreciate the few nights out you get, that bit more. 

As for what's to come, I have so much planned including, new beauty launches, fashion brand discoveries and some Christmas wish lists and giveaways! I also couldn't be more excited for Christmas this year, the anticipation is killing me. We only have something like 4 weeks until the big day 🎄, and I'm so excited! This year my family and I are having quite a small Christmas, and I like the small festive family gatherings we have, they're not too over the top, but they're certainly always special. Let me know what christmas plans you've got coming up in you life, blog etc. 

I'm currently in my university accommodation, but I took these pictures the last time I was at home which is why my little Labrador puppy Boomer (don't ask, my dad named him...) decided he wanted to feature too. He's coming up to 18 months actually, so he's not that little anymore, but he'll always be my baby I absolutely adore him. Another reason to love coming home! I have two dogs, Boomer and my little scotty/west highland terrier Hamish and I'm going to be doing a whole post dedicated to them soon, as I'd love for you to see them a bit more. But for now, here's Boomer wondering what the hell is mum is up to. 

I hope this post was enjoyable, and cleared up any questions you might have had about university, my life, and my blog. Can we talk about these new emojis on blogger??? Omg, I love them, such a cool thing to add, I can't wait to use them more. I promise not to over use them though! 💣

What are you blogger/life plans for the future? What's going on in your life right now? Looking forward to christmas? 

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