So.... it's been a minute. I've been away from the blogging community for at least a year and a half now thanks to many things but mainly the fact I moved to France and started University here. At first I tried to juggle the two but it became nearly impossible to learn a new language, get good grades and keep up with my blog. What I didn't give up however was overspending in Sephora, regularly bankrupting myself in Zara and obsessing over my new found love of the gym. 

Where am I?

So to cut a long story short I am currently living in the city of Poitiers in the Vienne region of France and I'm in my second year of a 3 year course called LLCER Anglais - which is basically the study of the English language, literature and culture, along with French and Italian. I didn't fail my first year, but to be honest I was very close to it. The newness of living here and having to learn a language I barely had a grasp of was so disorientating at first. However, having managed to get through it I have a lot more self confidence to move forward and hopefully succeed. Hence why I'm getting back into my one true love - blogging!

What's new?

I've now had a while to adjust to life here and I feel a lot more capable of leading life the way I want to whilst also focusing on whats important. Self confidence never came naturally to me, and I would say only recently have I begun to truly love who I am and accept who/what I'm not. On a lighter note I have an new phone, the iPhone 8 Plus, which has opened up a whole new photographic world for me, enhancing my use of instagram and making blogging so much easier. 

Blog updates


So as I'm sure you can see, my blog is no longer called  'A So Called Beauty Blog' as it has been since almost the very beginning, and is now called 'Jess Lately' - a far more appropriate name for what content you're going to see here. I of course am still immensely passionate about beauty and fashion, so they're staying right where they are at the heart of my blog. However, they're going to be joined by some lifestyle content, fitness and anything I am passionate enough about to publish on here. 

Fitness probably stands out as a fairly 'new' concept coming from me, and whilst I have been a fairly active person since the age of probably 13, it was only when I began going to the gym that fitness became a huge passion of mine. I first joined the gym in Nov 2016, and that just set the ball rolling for a new understanding of health and fitness for me, so much so that I have lots of content surrounding that area of my life that I would love to share here. 


If you read my blog before, then you may remember I used to use Disqus to host and store my comments on my posts. Whilst it was a smooth, sleek system, I recognised the fact that not everyone likes having to sign in to post a comment, and for some people it's just rather annoying. So, I've gone back to using the good old blogger comment section, which does mean I've lost all my previous comments on my blog. But the way I see it is that along with the new things, some old things had to go. So if any fancies commenting on my blog from now onwards its a little simpler having gone back to the basics. 

Social Media

With my new domaine name I've updated all my social media to mirror this, so if you want to follow along, here are the links: 

Twitter: jesslately_
Instagram: jesslately_
Facebook: coming soon
Youtube: Jess Lately (yes I have ventured into youtube but have only published one video so far - hopefully another milestone achieved this year will be a consistent upload schedule to my channel!) 


  1. Nice post been reading it and nice that you include fitness.

  2. Good luck on your new blog..Nice that your back on track.

  3. Continue posting and exploring new things. Keep it up!

  4. So much new things to look forward..Keep posting dear.

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