I love toners; they're refreshing, soothing and highly beneficial for my skin. I always feel that once I've used a toner, especially a good one like this, my serums and moisturisers that I apply afterwards are far more effective than just applying them at any time. I came across this particular toner (because La Roche posy do quite a few) on a trip to Boots (typical) and not knowing anything about it, I had to enquire. The lady's there are very helpful and can offer tips from their own first hand experience of using certain products. They told me that Effaclar is blemish reducing and great for your skin (no matter what skin type you have). The price was very reasonable at only £11 for a 200ml bottle, so I decided to take the plunge since I'd run out of my previous toner (which was also bright blue!).

    Like always I'm going to bang on about how amazing Caroline Hirons is, and how her advice should be put in some sort of beauty bible or something. Well, Caroline recommends the use of two toners; one Hydrating (alcohol/acid free) and one acid/alcohol tonic. This toner does contain alcohol and works nicely alongside my Caudilie Beauty Elixir* which is hydrating. The recommended method to apply an acid based toner is via cotton pads and hydrating ones should be sprayed on with a spray bottle (you can get cheap empty bottles from your local drug store). So, after a deep cleanse, morning and evening, I apply this and continue as normal with my routine. 

    This toner is great for anyone looking to prevent breakouts, tighten pores (as shown above) and clear your skin of any impurities left over from make-up or dirt accumulated during the day. It does a fantastic job and is a welcome staple in my skincare routine; I will continue to buy this toner until I find something better. 

    As I write this I'm in a cramped hotel room in the middle of France fanning myself with a brochure; it's so hot in here! France, as regular readers may know, is my favourite country and a place I see myself living in soon (if dreams really do come true). So, being here in France I can stock up on my favourite French pharmacy brands which most definitely includes La Roche Posay (and Bioderma of course); I really don't want my time here to end! Sadly, I'll be back in England in a few days, and I'll miss this place like hell.  But, I hope this review was helpful, and that you find a toner that works well for you like this does for me.

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*this is a very recent purchase, so I will be reviewing it soon.

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