When you've just got to grips with the concept of a 'Toner', the idea that there's more than one type can be quite annoying and rather confusing. But believe me there's no need for the confusion; once you know what's what, then you'll be just fine. As you may know skincare is super important to me, so I made it my mission to know what I'm putting on my face and why. Also admittedly, I hate missing out on products especially in the skincare department, so my immediate response to there being more than one type of toner was 'where can I get one, now!' 

    Trust me it's really simple. A lot of the toners you may be familiar with are also labeled as tonics or astringents, and almost always contain alcohol. These are the ones that could have an acne preventing purpose, or a skin clearing chemical that acts as a second (or third) cleanse to the skin; just to remove the remaining dirt or make-up. Well, certain skincare and beauty ranges also offer a non-alcoholic toner that's often a lot milder and more like water. Those are the hydrating ones. 

Alcohol based toners and hydrating toners go hand in hand; and you use them in that order, every time you do your skincare routine. It's quite essential to partner these two types, because an Alcohol toner dehydrates you're skin, therefore you need a product that's mild and hydrating to balance your skin again. If not, you'll be constantly drying your skin out and the benefits of that toner won't show as much. If you put these two products together in your routine, not only will your skin be fully hydrated to it's full potential, but you'll also feel a massive change in it's texture, health and complexion. 

One thing you must also know about Hydrating Toners is that they need to be sprayed onto your face, rather than applied with a cotton pad or ball. This is because you need far less of it due to it being alcohol free, so a light layer that you just pat dry once sprayed is all that's necessary. Most hydrating toners come in a spray dispenser bottle, but if they don't I do advise buying a small plastic spray bottle to put it in; their easily found in your local drug store or you could visit the fabulous for one.

Above I've just given you a few examples of the hydrating toners that I own, and I use them after an alcohol based toner day and night. Putting them all together makes me wonder why I own four when I only really need one. Oops... 

And that's everything! See, I told you it so simple and easy to understand; now you can happily shop for toners knowing why there are different types. I hope this post has been helpful for all of you who didn't quite get why there was a need for another toner in your routine, or if you didn't even know they existed. Thanks for reading, see you soon. 

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