Until now I didn't know of anything that could compete with the infamous GHD straightening tool. It's been around for so long and I haven't known anything else when it comes to straightening my hair (and since I do that quite often, I prefer to choose the best straighteners I can get my hands on). Unbeknownst to me, BaByliss have been bringing out a range of straighteners using ceramic plates, and with some reluctancy, the world of hair and beauty has begun to change its ways. I recently picked one up to see what all the fuss was about, and having used it for a while now, I can finally do my first (of many) beauty compared post.

The basis of this post series is to compare various beauty products and tools on the market today that generally come very close to being the same thing, and I look for the best one of the two. So today, I am going to compare the much loved GHD straighteners with its strong competition, the Babyliss Pro Ultimate Styler.

Effect on the Hair
We all know straightening our hair with heat has its consequences, most prominently, split ends. But, since the very first straightening devices came out, things have changed for the better. Straighteners have been designed to dramatically reduce the damage regular straightening does, but that can't always be eliminated. I've compared the two straighteners' effects and design when it comes to heat damage.

GHD's: As far as I can tell, even with the very latest models, they haven't made a huge effort to improve the way the ceramic plates glide across your hair. From my long term use, I've suffered (of course) split ends galore, and the heat doesn't seem to be controlled in a way that protects the hair from damage. There are of course heat protectants that you can apply, but they can only do so much.

Babyliss: Hands down, I prefer these straighteners for the way they're designed to protect the hair from severe damage. They have special heat sensors that ensure that the plates don't reach temperatures that may cause harm to your hair. On top of that, they generally have a far more efficient heating system that allows the heat to be changed easily and simply depending on hair length, thickness and strength.

Look and Feel
This is quite a tricky one as both of them are beautiful...

GHD's: Still retaining the classic GHD style, the new and improved models appear to be very sleek and provide a more curved plate. The numerous colours and designs are very appealing!

Babyliss: Immediately you'll notice how light weight they are, which of course makes it so much better for a quick style or a whole head do; and of course, taking it with you everywhere you go (because I know a lot of us do that, including yours truly). As for the design, its also very sleek and and easy on the eye. The look and feel is brilliant because you're essentially holding a lighter GHD with a better grip.

Ease of Use
This is just a minor category (plus I didn't know what to label it), but I find its necessary all the same.

GHD: I LOVE the fact that GHD make it easy for you to know exactly when they're ready to use, a quick beep and you're set! Although they do get rather hot, at least you know when they're on.

Babyliss: I have to reiterate my love for the heat settings; if I need a quick once through during the week, a lower temperature allows for me to get the job done without damaging my hair more than it needs to be and also saves electricity (not that I'm currently trying too...). What I also love, and think is better than GHD is the fact that the plates are longer and they're a lot safer to use. One thing I would say is that they don't beep, so I'm not entirely sure when they're ready to use (sometimes I'm in the middle of doing my hair and find it starts looking way better because the temperature is where it actually should be!).
The Verdict: Overall I'd have to pick the Babyliss Pro stylers because they're simply a GHD but better and cheaper. Don't get my wrong, if they were more expensive I'd probably still buy them but since straighteners don't seem to last me very long, it's nice to have a fabulous cost effective choice. I'll always love GHD's and may go back to using them over time, but I think I've found a new favourite.

What do you think of my choice? What are your favourite straighteners? 

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