When it comes to masks there's no misnomer, for me anyway, that Glam Glow takes the cake. But with Glam Glow's pricing being so steep, I'm always on the look out for alternatives that do the trick too. So it's no surprise that I've turned to Origins for a seamless, reliable, rave-worthy set of masks that are still in the high end skincare category, but don't require a bank loan to afford them (especially for poor students like me). 

I began my Origins mask journey with their coveted Out of Trouble mask; a 10 minute quick fix for those pesky blemishes and skin that needs a little more help now and then. Now this was probably about a year and a half ago when I was roughly 15, possibly 16, and desperately needed to rid my skin of the many pubescent zits and spots I regrettably had on my face. Since then my skin has radically improved, so I transitioned to using Clear Improvement and Drink Up Intensive for a radical skin detox twice a week. Although I didn't mark the exact day on my calendar, I believe it has been roughly 8 months since I started this regime, and I'm really happy with the results. 

I began using Drink Up Intensive first, for a hydration boost on a relaxing Sunday night and on a Wednesday evening when I needed it most (midweek is always a nightmare for me). Sleeping in a mask like this generally doesn't feel any different from your usual night time moisturiser (but don't make the mistake of using this every night instead!), so it definitely doesn't feel like you have a thick cakey layer of mask on your face; it gently sinks in and your skin absorbs it quickly. In the morning I definitely notice a difference; my skin is smoother, it feels even and balanced and sufficiently hydrated to start the day on a high. I recommend a deep cleanse before applying this mask as it allows all the goodness to absorb and take full effect. It contains a number of enriching ingredients, but at a glance those that stand out are; Chamomile, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Rose Water, Black current seed extract and Sweet Orange Citrus extracts (for the beautiful smell). I don't know about you, but that list sold it to me!

When it comes to masks you have to remove manually after a certain period of time, I always find mud/charcoal/clay masks (however messy) rather enjoyable to use. The Origins Clear Improvement mask, their charcoal paradise, is one that stood out to me as a deeply penetrating detox of all the skins impurities that brings your skin bliss and a much needed revitalisation. Aside from the Active Charcoal, the ingredients list is quite minimal and all that really stands out is the inclusion of Glycerin;  a well known ingredient thats present in all major skincare products that generally do a fantastic job. Clear Improvement drys very quickly but a cheeky extra 10 minutes never hurt anyone. One of the main complaints people have over this mask is it's messy nature, and yes it does make a bit of a mess, but if it's removed efficiently with hot water, you shouldn't have much to worry about.                                                                   

The reason I use these masks together was an idea that sprung to my head one Sunday when I'd just removed the charcoal mask and was heading straight for my serums and moisturisers (the usual). I always found that the intense nature of this mask left my face feeling slightly tender and tingly, so I thought why not use both masks on the same day to rehydrate my skin the right way. It was almost a eureka moment! I loved the effect of using both masks in one night, it was combining an intense purifying treatment with an intense repair and hydrate treatment. It worked like a charm.

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If you're travelling a need a quick boost while your away, Origins also do a perfectly sized set of pouches called 'Masks to Go', so if you can't carry the 75/100ml tube, get your hands on these. 

These masks are honestly some of the best I've tried and don't fail me at all. I recommend you try them, separately or together, whatever suits you. This combo just really works well for me, you should give it a try! 

Don't be shy, let me know what your favourite masks are and whether you've tried the Origins collection. How often do you use a mask?

*These are not gifted items, they're purchased with my own money and all opinions are 100% honest. 

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