For todays thought of the day makeup is on the mind. The multi million pound (slash dollar, slash euro etc.) industry that is at the pinnacle of the beauty and fashion industries. Quite frankly the world wouldn't be the same without it. What strikes me about makeup is how much of an art form it has become, and how dependent the world is on it's effects, benefits and beauty. And by beauty I mean, how beautiful the packaging is! Oh god, some of the stuff I buy is purely for the packaging alone, I'm sure you can relate. 

What are your thoughts on makeup? Is it worth the money? How does it make you feel? For a lot of people make up is a confidence booster, an increase in self esteem or a way to enhance your best features and express yourself. For me it's definitely that however, I make an effort not to let it become a dependence; I want to still enjoy the liberating feeling of being able to take a day off, walk around, go shopping, without the need for any makeup at all. As if you were a kid again. Oh the nostalgia. 

Has society forgotten the beautiful, untouched faces of woman out there? Has it become a right of passage for women to wear makeup? I started wearing makeup quite late on in my teens, I felt like a rookie when I suddenly came into school with a slick line of eye liner and thick black mascara. I've always believed I'm one of those people who looks completely different with even the slightest bit of makeup on. BLEMISHES; the age old irritant, with the right products are no match for a good foundation or concealer. Foundation and good lighting equals the perfect selfie right?

I certainly think make up is a wonderful thing, as beauty bloggers will always tell you, but it often scares me how transformative makeup is; people I've always known, especially in the public eye, suddenly look like a completely different person all together. Has makeup become something that men expect of women? If you don't wear makeup to a job interview, is it seen as not making an effort?
Just a few thought provoking questions on makeup, society and what it means to you. What does makeup truly mean to you?

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