I don't know about you but I LOVE What's In My Bag posts and youtube videos. There's something extremely entertaining about watching other people delve into their clutter filled bags to see what little gems are hidden inside and what they like to carry around day to day. A bag is part of a girls personality, so I think sharing the contents is a great way to share more about you. The kind of bag you sport is a hugely seasonal thing (unless you're a student like me when a big bag is an all-year-round kind of thing), in the summer its great to have a smaller, less fussy bag and in winter it's all about oversized. The contents of my bag are pretty simple, the only thing I haven't included is the wad of disorganised papers that are meant to be notes from my lessons!

Right now I'm using my large Zara 'City Bag', it's huge and holds just about everything I could ever need. I'm an over the shoulder kind of person so the long handy strap is perfect. It's got two zip sections, front and back, then an open middle section with a magnetic clip that keeps it all together. It's also got a handy front pocket for things I need to grab quickly, which is usually my purse (shopping, shopping, shopping!).  

My laptop: Even though I own an iPad mini that's perfectly transportable, now that my bag allows it, I take my laptop everywhere. It's an Apple Macbook Air, so it's very light and fits perfectly in any of the zip sections, and no one knows its even there! If I have some spare time, I'll busy myself blogging until my next lesson. 

Little notebook + pens: As a blogger, you'll know for certain that a notepad and pen is a travel essential, ideas can spring to my mind at any time so I need to come prepared. A lot of people prefer using their phone or tablet, but I'm a notebook lover and have always preferred having the freedom to jot down what I'm thinking on paper. My notebook is from Waterstones, it was really affordable, simple and has a lovely pattern too. 

My Passport: I don't know why but I love taking my passport with me wherever I go just in case. It also helps because I look a lot younger than I am! Plus I like to travel a lot, hence why having this would be quite useful. 

My current book of choice: At the moment I'm reading the book #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, and in order to ensure it gets read I like to take it with me any chance I get. I'm loving it so far, and there's a dedicated blog post on it's way (I won't spoil it, don't worry)!

Beauty related things: I like to take my Victoria's Secret Sweet and Flirty Body Mist along with a miniature Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume. The smells both complement each other perfectly, and I love having them with me for an extra spritz during the day. No bag would be complete without a refreshing facial spray, and I love taking my mini bottle of Caudalie's famous Beauty Elixir (limited edition L'Wren Scott) with me wherever I go. It's great for a mid-day makeup refresh and smells gorgeous. My Victoria's Secret mirror is a much needed bag staple, and my makeup bag holds all the essentials.

My Purse: I got this purse a couple of years ago from River Island and it's served me well. I've always loved nude pinks, and I find it goes with almost everything. It's spacious and manages (just about) to hold everything I throw in there.

I hope you've enjoyed my What's in my bag post, I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing the contents with you. If you too like this kind of post, I suggest you take a look over on Pinterest for many more!

What's in your bag? Leave links to your posts!

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