With summer sort of here (as you know in England we get a summer that also includes rain and cold, of course!) I felt it was time to switch up the colours and styles of my jewellery to suit the glowy essence of a warm summers day. What better way to do that than with a splash of gold! Throughout the seasons I like to mix and match my jewellery, and how much I wear, according to my outfits and what suited the weather. I think gold goes hand in hand with summer, and luckily for me, it really suits my skin tone too. What's your go to summer colour palette?

I love rings, I always have. When switching up my jewellery for the summer, I had to incorporate a fair few. Like a lot of people, I have a signet ring that I wear on a permanent basis (I actually used to wear it on my ring finger and people always asked if I was married!) that is also gold, so I like to match my additional jewellery with that too. River Island has some beautiful ring sets and I couldn't resist picking up a few for my collection. My number one tip for wearing multiple rings is not to overdo it, because no matter how beautiful the individual rings are, too many can be so impractical and take away from the beauty of each ring. I love pairing some staple rings with a pastel coloured nail vanish for a chic, almost boho, summer appropriate style

As for earrings, I like to keep it simple and small. I have two piercings (how many do you have?) so I like to have a larger earring in the first piercing and smaller stud in the second (like this one). Whilst still sticking to a gold theme, I sometimes add whites and light pinks to these minimal accessories. Currently I only have two piercings, but I'd really love to get my upper ear pierced and possibly a third lobe piercing, they look so chic! What do you have/want to get done?
I'm very flexible when it comes to bracelets, and I love my latest addition that has a light pastel blue stone that works so well with the gold strap. I think I found this particular bracelet in New Look whilst browsing and of course couldn't resist it. Sadly I don't think they stock it anymore but you're sure to find something similar elsewhere. I usually wear one bracelet at a time and keep it slim because I normally have a few rings on either hand to complete the look. Something that I haven't owned before and I'd love try are the chunky, cuff like bracelets, I've been seeing them everywhere lately and am on the look out for the perfect one for myself!
If you're looking to upgrade or update your jewellery collection for summer, then I have a few recommendations for where to get some! I love shopping at Urban Outfitters, Zara, River Island, Mango and Motel. Go all out this summer!

What are your favourite accessories for summer? Gold, silver or both?

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