Over the years I've noticed myself relying on Aqua Mists a lot more in the Summer months, especially when staying in hot countries. It seems only logical, that they are a main priority in my skincare routine nowadays. I've got an Aqua mist in my routine all year round, I love hydrated, dewy skin! But, in summer its all about maintaining cool, smooth, calm skin. What are you summer skincare must haves?
Aqua face mists are so versatile; I rely on mine for hydration, keeping cool and makeup application. I first learnt the trick of using a mist between foundation and setting powder from the wonderful Carli Bybel (if you're a regular reader, you'll know I simply love her), who uses the Mario Badescu spray with Herbs, Aloe and Rosewater as a setting spray. Not only does your makeup go on smoother, but it also prevents dryness and ensures your makeup lasts longer. I think thats a summer essential in itself, as sweat and drying out are huge makeup concerns in the hot months. 

If you read my new years Whats In My Bag post, you'll know that I always carry a mini bottle of Caudalie's Beauty Elixir; one of the best facial sprays to touch up your makeup during the day and keep your skin cool. Its so refreshing and I love the feel of it on my skin. Don't get me started on the smell! However the two I'm currently using are my recent favourites (Serozinc being an all timer), which I spritz all the time.

Serozinc by La Roche Posay is quickly becoming a cult classic in skincare and I have no objections to that, its amazing. I use it morning and night after my acid toner but also anytime I'm needing a refreshing spritz. Not only does it hydrate my skin but it has a high level of quality purification and sits among La Roche Posay's greatest products. 
You may know Evian already for their bottled water that you quickly grab of the shelf at the check out of your local grocery store, but something that surprised me is that they've brought out a set of facial sprays. Upon this discovery I had to buy the normal and large sized bottle because not only were they affordable, but each size is perfect for travel or at home purposes, so why not? The Evian Facial Spray is light, calming and the purist skin boost you'll get. If you're a gym goer then this kind of spray is also great post-workout, but also any time you're feeling over-heated this summer. So refreshing. 
What do you rely on for skincare in the summer? What facial sprays do you use? Tried any of mine?

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