I don't know about you, but starting the day with the wrong day cream is never a valid option. Day creams are vital in the morning skincare ritual and a step that cannot be overlooked (unless you're using Hydraluron that is). For today's skincare diaries, we're focusing on day creams; the ones I use, the ones I want to use and why. What day creams are your favourites?

The good thing about my Skincare Diaries is that I get to actually tell you the stories of how and why I started using (and repurchasing) these moisturisers and not just a plain ol' review. The Ren Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream was quite an on the spot discovery. I was stuck in Paris waiting for a train back to London so I went into one of the little shops in the station. There I found a copy of Red Magazine with three Ren Vita Mineral samples and one of them was this cream. Adding it to my skincare routine couldn't have been easier and now I'm loving it. I find its just what I need on those mornings when my skin requires some replenishing. Its full of Vitamins (hence the name) and in a loose cream form it produces a purifying finish.
My second day cream on the list is of course is The Body Shop's Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream. If you read my post concerning The Body Shop's free skincare consultancies then you'll have seen this little gem before. My skin is combination and often oily in places, so this day cream is perfect for balancing out my skin in the morning. Its in a rather pretty little pot with not only a lid but a lift out seal for added cleanliness (and a drop of posh). I was recommended this in store and it was used on me during the consultancy so I could feel just how wonderful it was. This day cream is soothing, mattifying and hydrating all at once and I can feel (and see) the benefits every time I use it. 
The last day cream in my collection is another Ren favourite. The V-Cense Youth Vitality Day Cream  offers a very different coverage than the others on my list. With a thicker, more moisturising consistency, I use this to completely detox and repair the skin in the morning. Its great during winter months and times when your skin is a lot drier. As the name suggests its a Youth Vitality product so its beneficial for older skin too. I actually got my first tube of this cream from Helen the amazing blogger behind The Love Cats Inc. in one of her blog sales (as found in my blog roll) and since then I've repurchased it twice. I highly recommend giving this one a try!

Today's product on the wish list that I'm dying to buy is the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser, a stand out product in the Vitamin C range. Admittedly I haven't explored this range half as much as I should have done by now since The Body Shop is like a second home for me. I have a little sample tub of this from my consultancy and savour every last drop. I must buy it soon.

What day creams do you use? What do you think of mine? What day creams are you dying to try?

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