In the winter months I like to add a splash of colour to my jewellery collection, as well as a few little quirky pieces to brighten an otherwise cold winter day. I never over state my jewellery however, if I'm wearing a colourful piece like the bracelets above, I like to wear more understated earnings and rings; it just adds a nice splash of colour. What are your winter jewellery staples?

Speaking of colour, I've been loving Gemini Woman's jewellery range recently, especially their metal ring bracelets*. They're colourful, easy to style and go with just about anything depending on which colour you choose. I've added them to my winter jewellery collection this time around because I like the soft yet lively colours to spruce up my winter looks. Check out Gemini woman's jewellery here

Wearing more thick coats and scarfs makes it harder for certain jewellery to stand out, so I like to wear a few more accessories on my ears. I don't know about you, but I'm mad on cuffs at the moment and thanks to the Body Jewellery Shop I've been wearing two different types of cuffs to make each outfit that little more edgy. There are tons of cuffs* to choose from on their site, not to mention any other type of jewellery you can think of. Eventually I'd like to get my helix piercing done which I've been obsessing over for years, so I know exactly where to go to get good quality jewellery for my new piercing. What piercings do you have? 

I'd love to know what your winter jewellery staples are and what you like to change/add when this time of year comes around!

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