Before using BlanX I was of course only using the generic tooth paste brands, not realising the potential in a brand I hadn't tried before, not to mention the potential for my teeth to look the best they've every looked. Thanks to BlanX I've had the amazing opportunity to try a vast amount of their tooth whitening/cleaning products and absolutely transform my smile. What's also really exciting is that they've provided me with the identical collection of BlanX products that I've been trailing for a lucky winner to win in this giveaway! Ever tried BlanX?

A unique factor in the BlanX tooth paste range is that they're totally non abrasive and are based on natural Arctic Lichen fighting bacteria, plaques and stains. Their Advanced Whitening tooth paste* is probably my favourite all round product in their range; it works really quickly, brightens my smile every time I use it and has a lovely flavour.
The specialist products in this collection focus on key areas of dental concern that you may have. I certainly didn't address any specific teeth issues I had and luckily my main issue was colour. No matter how much I brushed they wouldn't get this white. BlanX's intensive stain removal* focuses on of course stain removal and specific marks on the teeth you may have. Instead of going to the dentist and paying vast amounts of money for frequent stain removal, you should definitely try this! 

Another stand out product is their Intense Whitening Treatment* which again if discoloured teeth is your main problem area, adding this to your dental routine is a must. For best results I recommend regular use, however because all these products focus on whitening and brightening your smile you can interchange between to your hearts content! What I love is that they come with a whitening scale on the box and you can compare the scale to the colour of your teeth. This helps monitor your progress and shows you how much you can really change your teeth. 

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Entered the giveaway? What do you think of BlanX? What are your main dental concerns?

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