Hair extensions are some of the most used beauty items out there, and I think it's super important to find the right ones that look amazing, but most importantly look natural. I've been cursed with hair that really doesn't grow that fast so extensions are my answer when I'm looking for a little more length and something more to play with. If you've ever wondered what extensions the majority of people are using and loving, its most likely Irresistible Me. I've been using their extensions for a while now and I've not loved extensions this much before.  Do you use hair extensions? Ever used Irresistible Me's?
The beauty of hair extensions is you the fact you get to decide exactly how you want your hair to look, and since I wanted something noticeably longer I chose the 16" extensions, however you can get them as long as 22"! In order to match the thickness of my hair I chose the 140g set so it wasn't too heavy but didn't taper off making them look unnatural. All Irresistible Me extensions are 100% natural remy clip-ins so you can style them exactly how you like them. They work wonderfully with straighteners and curlers, and don't kink easily (don't you just hate when that happens!). 

Those with thinner hair who are looking to create the look of thicker hair can use Irresistible Me's available extensions to do just that. If you need any inspiration, like me, you should check out their Instagram for style tips, looks and other people who have loved the results. 
With your order you receive nine pieces in a bundle, plus two spare small clip ins for even more volume if required. The extensions couldn't be easier to look after and maintain, just keep them in the mesh within the easy seal bag and you're set. Portable, easy to apply and so versatile. Irresistible Me also sell all the necessary tools for application, styling and maintenance. With these extensions I am able to create effortless volume and length that suits my style. If you use Irresistible Me's extensions be sure to tag me so I can see your effortless looks. 
Never used extensions before? Follow Danny Camilleri's fantastic video applying her Irresistible Me extensions, it couldn't be easier! What type of extensions do you use? Ever tried mine?

*This post contains press gifted samples, all opinions are my own. For further information visit my disclaimer page. 

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