Every once in a while I give in to the hype and buy a product that everyone is talking about, typically something skincare or makeup related. This time round, I half-splurged on a popular product by a brand I already love, Nuxe. Having used their Rêve de Miel Lip balm (it's phenomenal and each little tub lasts ages) for many years now, I had every faith their Huile Prodigieuse would be worth the hype. Since it's winter my skin is dry and in need of a lot more hydration, so a new facial oil is definitely handy right now. What are your favourite Nuxe products?


Nuxe brought out Huile Prodigieuse along with its shimmery sister version as multi-facetited oil, not only for the face but also for the hair and body. I'm a sucker for anything that does more than one thing or benefits more than one area, so this was hugely appealing to me. One thing to note, this is a dry oil so unlike The Body Shop's Vitamin E Serum-in-oil (which I love) it's not going to make your skin look overly shiny or greasy. I tend to leave those kinds of products for the evening so it can soak in over night. This dry oil is perfect for all times of the day that if and when it's needed. So, whilst not showing up as a greasy, thick layer on the skin, it moisturises, softens and repairs almost invisibly. 


As with any product, especially nourishing ones, ingredients are crucial. Because this oil can do a whole lot to hair and skin, the ingredients basically need to be fool proof. With 96% natural ingredients, I'm definitely comfortable putting it on my body. Stand out ingredients among the natural range were Macadamia, Hazelnut, and Sweet Almond, all very much appealing if your looking to improve and maintain healthy looking (and feeling) skin.


To briefly round up my opinion of this oil in a few words I'd have to say, I love it. However, to break it down, the reasons are endless. Most importantly, however, it did in fact do wonders on my face in all my dry areas (thanks winter), so much so that despite the fact I use a lot of products, this oil really stood out. Nuxe recommend mixing it with your sun creams or other creams you apply to your skin for an added boost, but I've also loved mixing it with my foundations this season, to ensure a very smooth, even coverage. 

Personally I think it's worth the price tag (£28) and the hype, because not only is my entire body benefiting from it's nourishing goodness, I do so much with it that it's gradually becoming my go-to oil for everything. Obviously getting hooked to something with a major price tag isn't too smart, but if I were to splurge on only one or two products I would without a doubt chose this one.

Ever tried Huile Prodigieuse? Do you think it's worth the hype?

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