"Eye's are the windows to the soul"
To be honest with you I've become a little obsessed with eye shadow palettes lately, to the point where I'm making way to many impromptu purchases that at the end of the day may not be as necessary as I once thought. However, two things I definitely don't regret buying where Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette and Too Faced's Chocolate Bar. I do admittedly own a few more palettes, including Naked 2's little sister Naked Basics 2, but these two are definitely my favourite ones of them all. In today's Beauty Compared post, I'll be comparing my current holy grail palettes and hopefully decide which one I love the most. This is going to be very difficult. What is your current holy grail eye shadow palette?

Starting with none other than the Naked 2 Palette; I purchased this one first out of the two, so I've had a little bit more time to work on looks with it and establish which shades are my favourite. 


I feel like once it's on my eye lid there's hardly any fallout during the day, however when applying the shades with my eye shadow brush it's quite difficult not to lose some of the powder; one swipe of your brush and there's too much left over so it's often wasted. My only bug bear about the formula. 


Urban Decay's eye shadows, in my opinion, are not short of a pop of colour when you add them to your makeup look. They're extremely buildable and have a consistent colour intensity that I love. 

Range of shades?

With 12 shades to choose from there's always something new to try out and it would be a little greedy to want even more, however sometimes I do find myself wishing for a few more which is, of course, where my chocolate bar comes in handy. 

But overall you can't complain, with 12 gorgeous pigmented shades and many looks to play around with, Naked 2 is up there with the best. 
My latest eye shadow addition is of course Too Faced's, a new favourite brand of mine, Chocolate bar which has a few more surprises than what you'd think.


The quality of the powders in this palette really shows; I have no issues with fallout at all and when applying I don't feel like any of the product is wasted unlike the Naked 2 palette. 


The Chocolate bar is admittedly slightly less pigmented than Naked 2, however slightly is the key word, it's still lovely upon application and only looses a slight bit of it's original intensity.

Range of shades?

Obviously the Chocolate bar takes the crown when it comes to its range of shades with 16 unique and versatile shades to choose from. As well as being extremely buildable, there are also a few base shades to work with so you can mix and match with different colour palettes for your eye makeup each day. There's always a shade(s) you don't use and for me it's the very very light pink shade which I'm sure later on down the line I'll figure out a way to use as much as I do the others!

Overall the Chocolate Bar is a welcome addition to my eye shadow collection as well as one of my most frequently used. For those of you who've never tried it before, it's not just called the chocolate bar because its design is in the shape of a chocolate bar, in fact each eye shadow contains a small percentage of 100% cocoa powder so not only is the formula extremely unique, but the entire thing smells like the most luxurious milk chocolate (I'm getting hungry just thinking about it). The only downside is you'll definitely crave a real chocolate bar after using it. 

So, having compared all the categories I saw fit to compare the two eye shadow palettes with (if you have any others, let me know), I think I can make a decision. Based on my love of both palettes for different reasons, I had to think about how often I go for each one and how much I like the shades available as well as, of course, their formulas. Therefore if I had to chose, my favourite would be Too Faced's Chocolate Palette, despite being my latest edition to my collection, it's simply won my heart over, time and time again. 

What is your favourite of the two? What is your current holy grail eye shadow palette?

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