This months Birchbox had a slightly different format for April as they've teamed up with Pantone creating a tin of health and beauty favourites. It was such a pleasant surprise to find this in my mail, the tin is very spacious and can definitely be reused, unlike the card board boxes! As always there are a few new brands in the selection, but also a couple of familiar faces that I was more than happy to see again. There's a bit of everything in beauty for April, and I'm excited to share my first impressions and eventually a full review if the product works for me! What did you receive this month?
To kick of this months box overview, I've received yet another Beauty Protector product which I couldn't be more delighted about. They specialise in mainly hair care but also a couple of body care products including April's Beauty Wash Body Cleanser. It has such a soft, sweet scent and works well for those who shower and bath; they recommend pouring a little into your bath water for a gorgeous smelling bathing experience in the tub or used as a shower gel. This brand is exclusively carried by Birchbox right now, but I'm sure as it grows, they'll branch out. A few months ago I received their Protect and Detangle hair spray which has been really good, so I have high hopes for this next item. 

In the skincare department, by a new brand I've never used or heard of before, it's an exfoliating cleansing gel with Aloe Vera and exfoliating beads. La Rosée is a french brand based in Paris, exclusively with skincare in mind. Their Soft Face Cleanser is said to exfoliate, smooth and purify the skin and targets the congested pores in the evening. I'm not always keen on bead cleansers because they can get stuck in your flannels, brushes and cloths for ages, but this one after first using it yesterday, seemed pretty un-stressful. Containing 0% parabens, jojoba oil and, of course, Aloe Vera, the skin will definitely benefit from this. 
Another skincare mini included this month is the cult classic Lait-Créme Concentré by Embryolisse, a french brand I'm certainly familiar with. If you read my recent Evening Skincare Post you'll have probably seen the full sized version among my favourite moisturisers to use at night. But, it's also great under makeup and an all round skin fix. I couldn't be more happy to get another tube of this from my Birchbox, and even happier that its a travel size so I can take it with me when I go on holiday. (Full price: £27)

Birchbox always seem to hit the spot with their inclusion of some fabulous new, old, unknown and known hair care brands/products, so I have high hopes for this one. Hip's Cocoon Shampoo is a sweet, nourishing product that uniquely targets the delicate scalp fibres and softens the hair to the touch. I can imagine it would be great with dry scalps, dry hair and damaged hair from heat, the sun or colouring. It specifically targets hair with some sort of damage, and keeps in mind that the health of the scalp is half the battle. I'm hoping, since the warmer months often dry my hair out, this will be very handy soon.
Makeup in a Birchbox is the most exciting part for me, and this month its from the brand Sumita (eye and brow artistry) which I didn't know of until now. Boy am I glad I finally do! Birchox included this mini Sumita Eye Liner Pencil in brown (my preferred eye liner shade) and it is gorgeous. I wore it just last night for a party and loved how easy it was so apply, and how well it stayed on. You are guaranteed a 'bold colour'  and a 'waterproof', 'oil enriched formula' that glides on smoothly and stays on for hours.  The brand itself specialise in brow products, eyeliners, mascaras, and brushes all of the same amazing quality and priced pretty reasonably. I'm not sure why I've not heard of this brand before, but I most certainly will be exploring it further! 

What subscription service are you on? What did you get this month? Tried any of my new products?

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