When I discovered & Other Stories had their own collection of skincare, make up and body care products, I just couldn't resist. Starting off with skincare, around £30 later I'd ordered a nice selection of products to try. Their skincare range is surprisingly vast consisting of cleansers, makeup removers, facial sprays, lip balms and more. I'm often skeptical when clothing brands venture into beauty, but with the surprising success of TopShop's makeup and the popularity of H&M's entire beauty range, they're well worth a try before you write them off. Reasonably priced, great ingredients, and a gorgeous design; & Other Stories skincare can't help but impress you. Ever tried their skincare range?
If you're yet to find your favourite eye make up remover, or just aren't a fan of micellar waters, then their Double Duty Eye Make-up Remover may be just what you're looking for. Ophthalmologically tested with Lash Protecting Pro-Vitamin B5, this was the first product I tried from & Other Stories Skincare to begin my evening skincare routine. As soon as I tried it I thought to myself "is it possible for a product I've only just tried, to become my favourite?" I was so surprised at how gentle and soothing it was, plus it's effectiveness was second to none. My eye makeup came off so quickly, and easily compared to my micellar waters and other eye make up removers; I cannot stress enough how good this stuff is. After using it I also felt my skin had greatly benefitted from its minimal yet effective ingredients, it felt softerpurer and completely soothed. Perfect for the sensitive skin around the eyes. 

Price: £5 // 125ml 

Important ingredients: Sweet Almond oil, Corn Extract, Wheat and Soy Protien, Olive Fruit Oil, Rose Water, and Radish Extracts
Moving straight on to the second stage of my skincare routine, I turned to the Tussah Cleansing Gel. In my eyes this is again a winner; it's so gentle and smells amazing with a healthy blend of minerals and beneficial ingredients. & Other Stories claim that it promotes clear and radiant skin, and removes excessive oil whilst balancing out the skins moisture. I find that it helps tremendously with my combination skin as it evens out the PH of the skin and hydrates it enough for a healthy balance of oils producing soft, supple skin. It's a more foaming gel as a pose to melting, so I like to use it for my first cleansing stage with an exfoliating brush. I really love how great this feels on my skin; it didn't cause any unnecessary break outs, in fact in prevented blemishes from appearing and promoted a more glowy complexion

Price: £5 // 125ml

Important ingredients: Chamomile Flower Water, Fruit extracts, Citric Acid, Sugar Cane, Orange extract, Lemon Extract and Sugar Maple extract
If you're a regular reader then you'll know I absolutely adore toners, hydrating or acid, I love trying new ones out and adding them to my skincare collection. Whilst & Other Stories are yet to bring out an acid toner (which I think they definitely should) they've got a very nice Spray Genie Face Mist with pure mineral water to perfectly hydrate the skin post cleanse or during the day when the skin needs a pick-me-up. I like to use this directly after my acid toner with a few spirits of this before my serums and moisturiser. I love the packaging, it's simple, chic and very practical; the product comes out really well out of the spray top and delivers perfect hydration in just 2 or 3 pumps. My skin has been visibly smoother and clearer since using this instead of my other spray toners, I couldn't be happier with the results so far.

Price: £7 // 100ml

Important Ingredients: Rose Water, Citrus Amara Flower, Tilia Cordata Water, and Chamomile Flower Water
I thought it was only right to pick up a few of their essential skincare tools, starting off with their soft Cotton Pads (consisting of 80) and their Sticks (consisting of 200). There's really nothing special about these two but it's nice to know you can get almost everything you need all from & Other Stories alone. The cotton pads are a little softer than I'm used to and the sticks (aka cotton buds or cue tips) are strong and very handy.

Having been so pleasantly surprised by the quality and results gained from using these products, I'm so eager to try the rest of & Other Stories' skincare collection as well as the rest of their beauty ranges. The design and simplicity of ingredients is so impressive, plus the prices are mind blowing given the quality and quantity. Some products are also perfect sizes for travelling with a little bit more to spare, and all the products are dermatologically tested as well as suited to all skin types. 

Other products you can buy from their skincare range include; Toile Lip Oil, Moiré Anti-Stress Serum, Cashmere Hydrating Cream, Gentle Cleansing Wipes, Camlet Hand Balm, Organza Eye Cream, Lip Balm in Mint, Lemon and Coconut

What are your first impressions of & Other Stories Skincare? Tried any of these products before?

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