It's been almost 6 months since I signed up for Birchbox in late December, it's lovely see the variations in products and themes depending on the season. This month, on time this time, for June there are some new products to try out for summer. My current summer obsessions have been berry or floral flavoured products, and shades of a more vibrant, luminescent tone. What are your favourite summer products? What products did you receive this month?

L'Occitaine en Provence | Jasmine and Bergamote Shower Gel | Original Price: £15 | Believe it or not I really don't like bath's, but I love showers. Shower Gels from Birchbox have so far been nothing short of brilliant, and this month from a brand I am familiar with, L'Occaine, we've been provided with a generous amount of this gorgeous smelling gel. Including Jasmine and Bergamote reminiscent  of spring and summer, it's gentle, soft and nourishing for the skin. Jasmine is said to be from Grasse and Egypt, whilst Bergamote is an essential oil from Italy. A gorgeously exotic gel for the summer months to come. 

Loc (Love of Colour) | Eye Shadow Stick in 'Express Me' | Original Price: £8 | If you've followed this series for the last while you'll be familiar with this Birchbox exclusive brand Loc. I've only had fantastic products from this line, and this month I've received their cream eye shadow stick in the bronzy shade 'Express Me' which is a classic gold/bronze shade perfect for summer. I've tried it out and whilst it does dry quickly, the formula is robust and very pigmented. The beauty of this type of product is how easy it is to apply in comparison to a powder, and the guaranteed pigmentation. Well worth a try. 
Absolution | Le Nettoyant Pureté | Original Price: £26 | Another brand I'm familiar with thanks to Birchbox is the high end skincare brand Absolution, an impressive french brand well worth the investment. This month we received the Nettoyant Pureté which from French, roughly translates to 'Cleaning Purity' and aims to reduce sensitive skin, redness, and tightness. With an infusion of Chamomile, White Willow, and Oat proteins, this cleanser is undoubtably very good for the skin, and also acts as a great final step of your makeup removal. 

Cattier Paris | Pink Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin | Original Price: £5.99 | Any regular readers will know I'm a sucker for a clay mask, and courtesy of another French, this time that I haven't heard of, Cattier Paris, we have just that; a nourishing, soft pink mask for sensitive skin. It's main ingredient is of course Aloe Vera, a perfect ingredient for sensitive skin and absorbing the build up of toxins. I love a good mask, and this one requires just 10 minutes to dry and take effect; its easy to remove and your skin feels so soft and nourished post wash. 
Kevin.Murphy | Hydrate Me Rinse | Original Price: £18 | Kevin.Murphy is actually a really hard brand to track down, it's mostly used in high end salons and can be purchased on Amazon but prices are quite reasonable. The brand specialises in robust, reliable hair care for hair thats perhaps treated, coloured, or just in need of an intense treatment to achieve soft, revitalised locks. I'd never heard of this brand before, but I'm looking forward to seeing the effects of their 'Hydrate me Rinse' conditioner, a very popular product in the range 'Rinse'. Ever used Kevin.Murphy haircare?

Have you tried any of this months samples? What are your key summer products? 

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